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Weekly Update 9/21/2020

Dear SHPS Families-

Welcome to Week 2, especially our Pre-K, who are starting today! I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge that your student may be experiencing problems with school issued Chromebooks for video conferencing, in particular the lag time between video and audio. Please know that our IT team is diligently working to resolve this issue, which appears to be occurring throughout the country as students everywhere log on. Our educators are making the appropriate and necessary instructional adjustments whenever they or student experience connectivity challenges.

Here are some suggestions from our IT department:

  • Disable Camera and Audio when joining until/unless directed to turn on by meeting host

    • Keeping the student’s camera/mic disabled except for short bursts of time will provide the most performance increase for the students. We've encouraged teachers to check in with students at the beginning of each period but to have students disable cameras when they can.

    • Limiting the number of participants sharing video simultaneously

  • Unmuting the students mic while still having the video off seems to provide substantial performance improvement.
  • For Students - Prior to joining - Change the video resolution settings to increase performance (Click on the 3-dots in the upper right of of the camera preview Under Settings -> Video -> Receive resolution (Maximum) -> Standard definition (360p), one video at a time)

Please keep in mind that any changes the IT Dept make will only get to your students device via a chromebook restart so please make sure to restart the device before you start your day of remote learning. This will ensure the most up-to-date settings are configured.

While remote learning is underway, it is important that all members of the SHPS community be mindful of everyone's right to privacy and observe all online codes of conduct. We've had a couple of instances of inappropriate conduct. If any student is caught distributing Zoom/ Google Meet class codes, disciplinary consequences will be distributed to those individuals. In accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), we remind parents and students to refrain from recording any and all remote lessons. Exceptions to this may be made on an individual basis due to special circumstances approved by the appropriate school administrator. All parties must also refrain from disseminating any confidential student information to unauthorized third parties. We understand that students may occasionally need assistance with remote learning but we respectfully ask parents not to unnecessarily observe online lessons.

We had over 360 students sign up for lunches this week without knowing that road paving would be occurring in front of SHHS during pick up time! Remember, there will be NO charge for any student who receives lunch. The USDA through the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) has appropriated funding for child nutrition programs in order to temporarily offer Universal Free meals to all students (until December 31, 2020). Free meals are available for curbside pickup at SHHS with pre-registration. More information can be found on our district website or by emailing

In order to ensure proper air quality, we will begin retro commissioning this week, which ensures that all HVAC computer parts speak to each other and receive information correctly. We will be updating our HVAC computer software and buying handheld CO2 sensors, as well, which should alleviate anxiety pertaining to safety concerns. Mrs. Cooke and I will be meeting with SHEA midweek in order to address educator equity concerns in hopes of bringing back our most High Need special populations either October 5 or 12 (the rest of the special population is still scheduled to return November 4th). We all want our students back but need to ensure safety and equity concerns are appropriately addressed. We will keep you posted.

Thank you for your continued patience as we work to provide a meaningful and manageable experience for our students. In a typical year, the first week is when foundational experiences and routines are established, and positive relationships are formed. This is still happening, albeit in new and different ways. I am confident that as these routines and foundations are established, student and staff experiences will become richer and more engaging.

Best wishes for a successful and safe week!