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Weekly Update 9/11/2020

Hello SHPS Families-

We have just distributed the majority of Chromebooks, texts and supplies this past week. It was wonderful to finally see families in person! Everyone was so patient and kind! We hope to finish distribution tomorrow. For those families that were unable to stop by the schools, please stop by the high school tomorrow to pick up Chromebooks (and Mosier supplies) until 3pm, and each school for necessary texts and supplies. Please reach out to your building principal if you have any questions. 

Teachers and support staff are finishing their professional development (technology, cultural proficiency and diversity, social emotional learning, safety and health protocols) in preparation for students starting remotely on Monday. We received positive feedback, and teachers were diligently working on remote lessons when they weren't attending online workshops.

I also wanted to share this document with you pertaining to student expectations while learning remotely. It's a living document, so if something isn't working, please let us know so we can problem solve to make it work for everyone.

The following guidelines pertain to remote learning.  These guidelines are published as an effort to set students and teachers up for success.  Classroom teachers may have additional guidelines beyond these, as teachers have reasonable professional autonomy to operate and manage their classes as they see fit.  Thank you in advance to all students for respecting these parameters as we embark on remote and hybrid learning. 

1. All remote students are expected to be online and ready to learn when class begins at the specified times.  Remote students are full-fledged members of the class and should prepare to be engaged, synchronously or otherwise, for the entire class period.  While there will be occasions where remote students will break off and work independently or in groups for part of the class, there will also be times where teachers will plan for remote students to remain with the class synchronously and share out from home, present information, offer analysis, solve problems, etc.  In order to be ready to learn from home, we ask that students keep their devices fully charged and log in 2-3 minutes prior to class beginning.  

2. Attendance will be taken every class, per the state of MA and DESE.  Therefore, students should be signed in on time for class and must remain on camera until/unless the teacher directs otherwise.

3. Remote students should have a dedicated work space and should be in a quiet and appropriate area of their home, etc. where the background noise won't interfere/disrupt the class.  Headphones at home may also help avoid distracting background noise.

4. Understanding and respecting that not all students want their living rooms on display, teachers will encourage students to use different background options rather than disconnect their video. Students should avoid inappropriate and/or distracting virtual backgrounds. Remote students must have their camera on and be able to be viewed by the teacher in order to allow the teacher to take attendance and evaluate engagement.  Students will be the only people who appear on screen for the teacher and other classmates to see.  No one else (parents, siblings, friends, etc.) is allowed to attend/join the virtual learning process.  Thank you for respecting this privacy issue.

5. Students may not record or screenshot any segment of the virtual learning.

6. Remote learning, similar to on campus learning, is still subject to the rules and parameters of the SHPS Student Handbook and the Acceptable Use Policy.

7. Remote students in classes that don’t maintain synchronous learning for the entire block should expect that teachers will often check for understanding (exit ticket, short quiz, journal entry, etc.) in order for teachers to be able to quantify remote student engagement.

8. Students will dress appropriately and completely while learning virtually.

9. Identify yourself with your complete name, (first and last), when logging in so the teacher can identify all students during all lessons.  Do not use nicknames or other identifiers.

10. If students are experiencing technical difficulties with synchronous learning, they should immediately email the teacher.

11. Avoid the use of phones during synchronous remote class time, unless the teacher directs otherwise.

12. Teachers may pre-record and post lessons in order to support students who were absent from class or may need a concept retaught.