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Weekly Update 8/28/2020

Weekly Update:
August 28, 2020
Dear SHPS Families,
We are off to a great start! Yesterday was our first day with teachers and staff, and it was a long and productive day of virtual meetings (Opening Day Convocation, Safety and Health Protocols led by our nurses, SHEA Business meeting, and building specific faculty meetings). 
Today the district is starting to prepare students' materials for pick up. After brainstorming various possibilities, it was decided that each building would have a specific pick up day:
Friday, Sept. 4 9am-6pm High School
Tuesday, Sept. 8 9am-6pm Middle School
Wednesday, Sept. 9 9am-6pm Mosier
Thursday, Sept. 10 9am-6pm Plains
Friday, Sept. 11 9am-3pm Distribution Make Up Day
How will material and Chromebook pick up work? You will drive to your designated school on the designated date listed above. You will stay in your car, wear a mask, and pull your car up to the curb (your child needs to be present to sign forms). You will drive through various stations: a station to double check that your contact information is correct; a station where materials and texts that have been pre-bundled will be distributed; a station for Chromebook distribution, and a final station where you will sign the attached two documents. 
The SHPS Community Agreement stresses the importance of following safety and health protocols. Parents and caregivers, please remember that you will closely monitor your student's health daily and NOT send them to school if they have any COVID-19 related symptoms. 
The second document is the Chromebook Agreement Policy. If you wish to purchase insurance ($50 per student; $25 for students on Reduced lunch; $15 for students on Free lunch), please pay in cash or check (South Hadley Public Schools and in the bottom left corner write Chromebook Insurance) on that day. The FINAL date for us to accept insurance checks is September 18, 2020. Buying insurance is a personal decision but is strongly advised.
Lastly, the YMCA has decided to hold childcare at their Y in Holyoke. If you are interested in their services, please contact them directly.
I hope everyone has a relaxing and safe weekend!
Diana Bonneville, Ph.D.
Interim Superintendent
South Hadley Public Schools