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    Special note for my students during the Covid-19 break: 

    Dear Band Students,

    I hope you are all well & staying healthy! Remember that music can help when things get stressful! Try to use music to relax, exercise, focus, or just enjoy.

    I'd like to offer the following suggestion as a way to be creative & engaged during this break from school besides just practicing your "band music"

    • Record yourself playing a solo.  Email me the recording & I'll edit it w/ iMovie & post it onto our "Showcase for Student Learning" playlist.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

    Everyone should have a few solos that they're already preparing (Menuet, Sawmill Creek, The Good Life, Happy Birthday, etc) 

    If you'd like a NEW solo - just email me.  I will search thru my database & send you suggestion(s) based on your skill level that you can print/practice at home.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

    During the past few years, I've saved most of my curriculum in a digital format.  It would be fun to share ideas that I think you'd enjoy.

    I will be checking my email daily & hope you'll consider staying in touch. 

    I'm working on a few recordings of my own.  Keep an eye out for them on youtube.


    Mr. Holmes

    "Schedule & General Info" provides the following:

    •      Lists of songs that band students at each grade level are studying.
    •      MP3 files that help students listen to these songs & practice at home.
    •      Links to youtube videos to help students at home and in the our practice rooms.

    "Mr. Holmes' Youtube Channel" provides the following:

    •      Examples of student solos - "Student Learning Showcase"
    •      Examples of jazz solos to help learn Jazz Articulation & Phrasing
    •      Examples of Trumpet Duets & Solos recorded by Mr. Holmes using GarageBand.




    Mr. Brooks Holmes         bholmes@shschools.com