• Principal, Diana Bonneville - dbonneville@shschools.com
    Assistant Principal, Patrick Lemieux - plemieux@shschools.com
    Director of Guidance & Counseling Services, Elizabeth Wood - ewood@shschools.com
    Athletic Director, Tad Desautels - tdesautels@shschools.com
    Art Department Chair, William O'Neil - wo'neil@shschools.com
    English Department Chair, Tina Lesniak - tlesniak@shschools.com
    Math Department Chair, Dianne Young - dyoung@shschools.com
    Science Department Chair, Mitch Koziol - mkoziol@shschools.com
    Social Studies Department Chair, Tim Balut - tbalut@shschools.com
    Special Education Department Chair, Elizabeth Cooke - ecooke@shschools.com
    World Languages Department Chair, Paula Lonergan - plonergan@schools.com
    For additional staffing and contact information, please see our Staff Directory.
    The High School's main number is (413) 538-5063.