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School Counseling

The South Hadley High School Counseling Department is founded on the belief that each student is a unique individual who is capable of growing into a responsible, independent, and contributing member of society. The mission of the SHHS Counseling Department is to facilitate the development and empowerment of all students in academic, career, and social-emotional areas through a comprehensive and developmental curriculum. Our school counselors work proactively with all students in an effort to maximize student potential and academic achievement. They are professional educators who advocate for equity, access, and success through collaborative efforts with students, staff, parents/guardians and community stakeholders. 

Academic Support & Resources

College Resources

Jessica Austin

Guidance Counselor

Karen Esempio

Director of Guidance & Counseling Services

Alexandra Mazzulli

Student Adjustment Counselor

Andy Meeker

Guidance Counselor

Jessica Pion

Student Adjustment Counselor

Anne Scully

Student Adjustment Counselor