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World Languages

SHHS currently offers Spanish and Latin, levels 1-4, as well as two culturally focused classes, Hispanic Studies and Greco-Roman Mythology. The curriculum strives to develop proficiency, as detailed by ACTFL, the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages. Please refer to the ACTFL language performance indicators.  SHHS participates in the Seal of Biliteracy program, which offers an award to students who achieve proficiency in English and one other language. Please refer to the MA Seal of Biliteracy program for more information.  Students in level 3 and level 4 Spanish classes may participate in a service learning trip to Central or South America.  

In order to prepare for postsecondary admission to competitive four-year colleges and universities, four years of foreign language study (at the high school level) are highly recommended.  For successful admission to two-year colleges and many state colleges, at least two years of foreign language (at the high school level) are recommended. But perhaps more importantly, the study of languages and cultures is integral to the development of a rich and varied skill set and promotes tolerance and openness to new and different ideas in an increasingly global society. The study of languages has become a practical necessity for today's students as they prepare for further study or employment.  Students are required to successfully complete two years of study in a foreign language to fulfill graduation requirements.

Phil Langevin

World Language Teacher

Paula Lonergan

World Languages Department Chair

Hannah Sawyer - Leith

World Language Teacher