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Fine & Applied Arts

The Fine Arts are considered to be a Core Academic by the United States Department of Education, as well as the Massachusetts Board of Education. Without an extensive education in the creative and expressive processes that are fundamental to the Arts, a student’s education is incomplete. Through the Fine and Applied Arts programs, students are able to experiment, express themselves, explore and achieve personal goals through a variety of carefully designed curricular and co-curricular activities and lessons. 
Visual Art 
We take pride in our solid program, which emphasizes the making of art, solving complex visual problems, art history, and development of the ability to verbalize about art. The Art courses offered provide a sequential program of experiences that will enable the future artist to pursue post-secondary education in art or to continue making quality art as an avocation. We provide an environment in which the student will develop the abilities of artistic expression. Students are introduced to a variety of media and techniques that develop, challenge, and enhance creative thinking, problem solving and individual expression.  


Beth Ayn Curtis

Music Teacher

Melody Figge

Graphic Design Teacher

Maureen Senn-McNally

Fine and Applied Arts Department Chair