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South Hadley Elementary Building Project

Welcome to the Mosier Elementary School Building Project. We thank you for taking time to view and read all the information we have currently for this project. As more information becomes available, we will be posting and updating this page regularly. An email address has also been setup for public comment and concerns regarding the Mosier Elementary School Building project and can be found below. Any documentation relating to this project will also be posted for review at anytime. Thank you again for your continued support and we look forward to taking this journey with the South Haldey community.

Building Project Updates

Good Afternoon South Hadley Community,

The South Hadley School District and Municipal Government are forming a Building Committee to guide the proposed elementary building project.  The committee will be made up of members from within the school district, town, and community who will serve in an advisory capacity in either a voting or non-voting role.  We are sending this email as a call for volunteers from the community to serve on this important committee that will play a very important role in the planning, design and implementation of a new school to replace the well worn Mosier building.  The total commitment for this committee is approximately 5-7 years. The schedule would include a minimum of one meeting per month, with the potential for meeting more than once a month as necessary. We are currently looking for members to serve representing the following categories:

  •     3 community members with experience in architecture, construction, and/or engineering (voting/ advisory)
  •     2 South Hadley Public School parents (voting/ advisory)
  •     2 South Hadley Public School staff members (non-voting/ advisory)

Interested community members should email The deadline for applicants is Friday, April 19, 2024.  The School Committee and Selectboard will hold a joint meeting on Tuesday April 30, 2024 to interview candidates who have submitted letters of interest by Friday, April 19th, 2024.
If you are interested in being considered for membership on this committee, please respond to this email with your name, email, address, phone number and background, including particular skills or interests you have that would help the Selectboard and School Committee better evaluate your application.  Also, please indicate in your letter of interest which of the three categories (parent, staff or architecture, construction and/or engineering) you wish to be considered for.

We thank you in advance for your thoughtful consideration of being part of this very important work.

Mark McLaughlin, Ed.D
Interim Superintendent
South Hadley Public Schools