• It's the production week!  A Christmas Carol!



    MONDAY (2:30-5,or before if we finish),

     TUESDAY (Early release 1:30-5, or before if we finish!),

    WEDNESDAY  (2:30-5)



    Don't forget to TELL EVERYONE!

    THREE SHOWS ONLY: Dec 6,7,8 7:00pm in the MESMS Cafetorium

    General Admission $5, $3 with a canned good

    Tickets are on sale in the school office during school hours or at the door one hour before the curtain rises!


    Print out a POSTER to hang up to advertise!



    Wear your t-shirt to advertise!

    $10 each and available as soon as Ms. H gets them from the printers this week!


    Ask your family to share it online!

    Facebook Event Link: A Christmas Carol Facebook Event


    Do you have your costume and props?

    See below for more info regarding YOUR costume.


    Bring your costume and prop in if you haven't done so already!

    Please see Dr. B or Ms. H if you have any questions. 



    Feel free to bring your costume so we can start organizing and adding the festive Victorian London feel to your character!  Most characters will need a white shirt (collared or rounded neck) and dark pants/longer skirt.  Any festive fabric or ribbons can be attached to create a festive feel to your clothing (glue sticks, safety pins and a quick stitch are easy to do!)


    WE NEED HANGERS!  Do you have any spares at your home?


    Carolers, Customers, Businessmen, Party Guests will need a female: bonnet, shawl/cape, long skirt, white shirt; male: vest, cravat/scarf tie, dark pants, white shirt, and bowler/top hat

    Chimney Sweeps will need black pants and black shirt/white shirt that is 'weathered' with soot, and a newsboy cap

    Constables will need dark pants, a white shirt, blue jacket or large long-sleeved teeshirt (hats DONE)

    Urchins/Pickpocket will need leggings/long pants and long-sleeved shirt (suspenders optional)

    Vendors will need newsboy or other hat, pants/knickers, high socks, vest (suspenders optional)


    All actors will need shoes (plain, dark) - ballet slippers/flats/character shoes or plain 'Keds-like' sneakers or quiet dress shoes would be fine for most roles!  



    Scrooge (CAMERON)- Nightcap, nightgown (with collar attached), Coat w/ Cape, Dark Pants, Vest, Caveat Tie, Red Scarf,(Top Hat, Robe DONE)

    Ghost of Past (LILY) will need White top and pants/skirt/leggings (Headpiece & Cape DONE)

    Ghost of Present (REESE) will need Green Dress (Santa Coat and Headpiece DONE)

    Marley (PAIGE) (Vest and Shirt DONE, pants to be altered)

    Fred (JAYDEN): White Shirt, (Vest, caveat tie DONE), Pants, (Jacket, Hat DONE), Coat?, Festive Scarf

    Little Boy/Youth Scrooge (LUKE): White shirt, knickers, vest, high socks

    Young Scrooge/Suitor Scrooge (GRIFFIN): White shirt, Cravat tie, vest, pants, jacket

    Dick Wilkins (MADISON): White shirt, cravat tie, vest, pants, jacket

    Emma Hollowell (JULIA): (Party-Dress DONE)

    Street Urchin (KALEE): (Leggings, long sleeved shirt DONE)

    Boy Cratchit Children (BRADY C):  White shirt, knickers, high socks, t-shirt vest?

    Tiny Tim (AMELIA): (White shirt, knickers, hat, socks DONE), vest coming

    Female Cratchit Children (IZZY, LINDSEY, SOPHIE, VIVIAN): (Mop Hat, Apron, Dress DONE)

    Mrs. Cratchit (ALENA): (Peasant Dress, Apron, Mop Hat DONE)

    Bob Cratchit (SASHA): Dark Pants, Jacket, White Shirt, Vest, Cravat Tie, (Bowler DONE)

    Fan (LAUREN) will need a white shirt (skirt, bonnet DONE)

    Belle (MARISSA) will need a white shirt (skirt, muff, and bonnet DONE)

    Fezziwig (BRADY D) needs pants, white shirt (fancy coat DONE)

    Mrs. Fezziwig (MERIZKA) (Dress DONE)

    Topper (ALEX): White collared shirt, vest, cravat tie, pants

    Ignorance (Boy): Knickers, Ratty Shirt

    Want (Girl) (KALEE): (Orphan Outfit DONE)

    Mrs. Oliver, Charwoman (MOIRA): (all in black, dirtied mop cap DONE)

    Old Joe (NATE): Top Hat (distressed), colorful scarf (red), white shirt, vest, black pants, black jacket (frayed)

    Mrs. Dilber, laundress (DANYELLE): (Mop cap (dirtied),  black skirt, white shirt (dirtied), shawl (black crochet), knitting (we have this from HONK) DONE), big carpet-ish bag for the knitting

    Turkey Boy (TYLER):  White shirt, knickers, vest, high socks, suspenders

    Party Guests - female (KATE C, ALYSSA D, RACHEL):  (Long Dresses DONE)


    Solicitors - Camel, Maroon - scarfs, top hats


  • Carol Hat  MM logo

    Rehearsals will be WEDNESDAYS 2:30-4 (full casts) and THURSDAYS 230-4 (for called small groups). 

    All cast members were provided a script of A Christmas Carol (to be placed in a three-ring binder) and all in attendance at the rehearsal 10/10 received a book script for Music Man, Jr.  (The additional copies have not been shipped yet, but will be distributed to the remaining cast members when they arrive).  Please write your name and character CLEARLY in INK on the front cover as this will be the only copy you will be provided by Drama Club.


    Please see the current parent infomational letter (OCT) for updated information.  A specific rehearsal schedule will be posted here asap.  

    Wed 10/10 230-4 - Full Cast

    Sat 10/13 9-2 - Set Building in MESMS Cafeteria


  • Dr. B and Ms. H are so excited for BOTH shows!

    Cast lists were posted Monday morning in the Band Hallway. 

    Please stop by and congratulate our fabulous actors when you see them!


    There will be a

    Parent Meeting for BOTH SHOWS

    on Tuesday, October 9th at 6 pm in the library

    where we will discuss the contract that is in the informational folder below. 

    It highlights the 3 As:  Attendance, Academics, and Attitude. 

    This will be discussed with students at the

    First Rehearsal for


    on October 10th from 2:30 - 4:00 in the cafeteria.




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    Looking for files and other information?

    See the Google Folder below for forms and letters that have been handed out to the cast!


  • The MESMS Drama Club is enjoying its 14th year producing high quality shows with the talented kids of South Hadley.  We welcome every child to participate whether she or he is a seasoned stage veteran or a complete rookie, a tiger on the boards or a shrinking violet, we have places in the show for everyone!   Our budget is strong, and our production staff is excited to announce that THIS YEAR WE ARE PRODUCING TWO SHOWS: A Christmas Carol in December, and The Music Man Jr. in March.  We would love to have your child be a part of this exciting year. Find more information and links to video and photos of our past shows on the Drama Club website (you can find it under programs at the MESMS homepage and our Google Site).  Stay tuned for more information coming at the Open Houses and posted on the Drama Club Bulletin Board!

    Want to be a part of the action?  We are always seeking adult and family involvement!  

    All levels of talent (from glue gun aficianados to painting artisans to circular saw experts) are welcome!

    Christmas Carol Logo Music Man Logo

    Questions or concerns:

    please email TBlaisdell@shschools.com

    Or SHolmes@shschools.com


    This information is printable HERE

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    Charles Dickens' classic tale of Ebeneezer Scrooge, Bob Cratchit, Jacob Marley, and three Ghosts will be brought to life by our talented students!  This is not a musical production and will be held as a dessert theater in the MESMS cafetorium December 6-8, 2018.  Auditions begin September 17th!


    Click HERE for character information. 



    Music Man

    The MESMS Drama Club will be performing Music Man Jr. for five shows March 21-24, 2019. Auditions begin September 17th! 

     View our Music Man Jr page by clicking HERE or visit our Parents and Friends of Michael E. Smith Middle School Drama Club Facebook Page at @mesmsdrama