Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Zraunig

Hello! I am a licensed, American Speech-Language Hearing Association (ASHA) certified speech-language pathologist. I have worked in South Hadley since 2017 and have prior experience in both the school and hospital settings. 

I am eager to work with your child this year. We will have some fun while accomplishing our speech and language goals! Please feel free to contact me any time if you have any questions or concerns regarding your child's speech and language services. It's going to be a great year!

Katy Zraunig, M.A., CCC-SLP; 413-538-5077

UPDATE: 3/2020 Due to the unprecedented closing of public schools to prevent the spread of COVID-19, I will be updating my website periodically with activities, apps or websites that might be helpful to you and your child to keep the language learning going at home. Please reach out to me any time if you would like more activities or have questions or concerns. In the short term, please see below for a list of fun, practical language activities that I put together that might be fun for the whole family during your time at home. 

Keep Language-Learning Fun!

3/25/2020 Here are a few language activities to try! Please click on the PDF Title and print out. If you are not able to print, use the document as a reference and complete one item per turn using any board game that you have on hand at home. Some of these resources were created by my colleague, Rebecca Lavelle, SLP, and others we have permission to share at this time. No copyright violation has occurred. 

Plant a Seed Irregular Verbs

Plant a Seed Regular Verbs

Springtime Auditory Memory Complete Packet

Springtime Auditory Working Memory Sentence Repetition

Catching Fireflies Multiple Meaning Words

Catching Fireflies /R/ Articulation


Here are some more language enrichment activities. Please know these activities are only suggested and are not required.  Your health and well-being is what is most important right now, so please take good care. 

Camping Main Idea

Catching Fireflies Language Processing

Semantically Absurd Sentences

Below, please find the link for PBS Kids. The"Pinkredible Story Maker" on PBS Kids is a fun way to help children with their narration skills. Have your child create their own story using the Story Grammar Elements: Characters, Setting, Initiating Event/Kickoff, Plan, Events, Resolution, Character Feelings. You, the caregiver, can create a story as well, and have your child retell the story to you. Have fun with this! Additionally, on the PBS Kids website, there are many games targeting following directions, vocabulary development, and linguistic concepts. 

PBS Kids


4/8/2020 Language Activities for the week can be found below! 

Weekly Language Activities



Have fun with RIDDLES this week! Please find the link below. 

Springtime Riddles



This week, have fun exploring the meaning of idioms while playing this game!

ABCya Hold the Phone!



This week, have some fun following complex directions! You can practice these directions "Simon Says Style", or print out the pages, cut the directions into strips and place them in a hat/bucket/bag. While playing your favorite board game, alternate with drawing a few "direction cards" from your hat! Have fun!

Following Conditional Directions!

Following Before/After Directions!



Here are some Speech and Language Activities for each day of the week. Enjoy!

Speech and Language Activities


Have some fun with these Speech and Language Activities--one for each day!

Speech and Language Activities


Here are some more Speech and Language Activities for each day of the week. Have fun! 

Speech and Language Activities