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Ms. Argetsinger

March 25, 2020

Hello students,

As we are into week 2 of this lock-down, you may be feeling a little more uneasy than you had at the beginning, perhaps even sad or stressed; I hope you and your families are finding ways to stay active and to connect with one another through this school closing. 
I have posted some "assignments" in each of your classes (look to the left). I put them in quotes because while they would be a great use of your time and your mind, you do not HAVE to do them. 
All that aside, I wanted to let you know that I'm thinking about  you all and hoping you are doing well and I am sure that you have gotten lots of ideas of how to spend your time ... but I'm going to add some ideas here: Take walks (maintaining social distancing of course), do puzzles, teach yourself a new song or trick, practice knot tying, take a long soak in the bath, rearrange your room, lace each pair of shoes in a different fashion, talk to friends on the phone (rather than just texting), look through your parents photo albums and ask them questions about what they were thinking/wearing, and take every opportunity to laugh (tell jokes, watch funny movies, laugh at your parents' jokes, be silly with younger siblings, etc.).
I am going to send a group email out to all the students in each class daily around 10:30 - feel free to respond to just me or "to all" with thoughts, questions, answers, etc.
Take care,
Ms. J


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