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Mr. Jeff LaPlante

Hello.  Welcome to Mr. LaPlante's web-site.   


3/31/2020:  Please go to our GOOGLE CLASSROOM for updated information!!!  That will now be the primary website for the class.   See you there!  



During this difficult time of social distancing, please consider these daily activities.  This is not a "have to", but simply a suggested daily routine.   In no particular order, your child should be doing the following:  

Reading Out loud to an adult:   30 minutes/day.  Two 15 minute sessions is preferred.  

Silent Independent Reading:  1 hour/day.  Two 30 minute session is acceptable.

Educational Technology Time:  30 minutes/day.  Khan Academy, Imagine Math Facts,,, Lexia, Toontastic (iPad App), etc...  

Mathy Fact Fluency:  Math Fact Cafe has printable worksheets.  10 minutes/day.  (The same ones we use in school)   If you do not have a printer, you can practice fluency using Imagine Math Facts on your Clever Portal.  

Writing / Daily Journal:   Your child should be writing every day.  You can have them write a few paragraphs about how they are feeling each day, or have them write a summary or response to the books that they are reading at home.  They can even write a fiction story about any character in their imagination.  30 minutes/ day would be wonderful.  Please make sure they are writing neatly!   

Did you know????? 

Mr. LaPlante is doing Facebook-Live mini lessons for your students to view.  These videos are available to anyone who is interested!!!