Please enjoy the wonderful artwork that students have done so far in the 2018-2019 school year. Recent work includes ceramic penguins, cardinals, and doves; the Tiger mural, Marvel mural, door decorating contest, plus masks and monotypes just to name some of what we have done so far!


    Glazed Clay Birds

    clay birds


    clay cardinals


    Red Cardinals in Clay  

    Darlena Horses

     darlena horses


    Tiger Mural

    Tiger Mural

    Winter Door Contest


    Door Decoration

    Marvel Mural

    Marvel Mural


     October Masks and Monotype Prints

    October Masks Obama monotype Deer Monotype

    Welcome to Art with Mr. Wilhelm!

    October 2018--

    WOW! 1st quarter 8th GRADE!!, NICE TIGER!!! (Mural draft)

    8th grade draft mural

    This year students are being introduced to using the grid method to draw realistic portraits of comic book superheros. Students were able to choose a superhero or villain of their choice and used a 1x1" grid matrix to very accurately draw the shape and features of the superhero's face. Students came away from this project with a classical, reliable method for accurately drawing any image of any kind. This was a fun project and students came away with amazing results, some of which are posted below. This first project was a big confidence booster for students because they learned a very dependable and simple technique to draw literally any image with precision and accuracy.
    Spiderman Catwoman 8th Grade Self Portraits
     Learning the grid method paid off with great dividends when 8th grade students later painted self portraits and used the same method to accurately draw the shapes of their faces before painting. They turned out FANTASTIC~!!! Excellent work by the students.
    7th and 8th grade students recently spent a good chunk of time creating their own still-life arrangements with various objects, plants, and drapes. Students created shadowboxes out of cardboard to arrange their still-lifes and harness the power of light to create dramatic lighting and shade in their still-life arrangements. Students then painted the still-life scenes they arranged with a range of 5 values of light and shading using acrylic paint. 
    Still Life Setup
    Still Life Setup
    6th grade students worked on an Egyptian clay cartouche project where they learned how to create clay pieces with strong levels of sculptural relief. These clay pieces will then be painted and can be hung up on a wall as wall piece.
    Egyptian Cartouche
     The major 5th grade clay project involves students making a 4x4" square tiles of various images that they spend time carefully designing in their sketchbooks.

     Glazed tile Glazed Clay Tiles Football tile