• Hello and welcome to my classroom website!  
    ***April 7, 2020***
    Hello all!!!  I continue to wish well wishes to you and yours.  As many of you are aware, phase two of our distance learning plan is coming together and expected to begin very soon.  I have emailed home and have posted information on my Google classroom pages (codes are the same as below).  We will have zoom meets this week, as follows:
    - Alt 11/12:  4.7 and 4.9 at 11 am
    - CP 11 (C and E):  4.7 and 4.9 at 12 pm
    - CP 12: 4.7 and 4.9 at 2 pm
    - TBA: as needed/requested by students
    ***March 30, 2020***
    Hello my peeps!!! Hope you and yours are well! I also hope to see you waving away during the teacher parade (3.31) - starts at noon!!! Definitley am missing seeing all of you, in class, and the unique and fun dynamic that all of my classes have!  Suggested work and zoom meeting information continues to be posted on your respective classes Google Classroom.  Codes are:
    Alt 11/12  A Block - vpjhgba
    CP 11 C Block - txaufry
    CP 11 E Block - 7o67c2g
    CP 12 - F Block - kywsycp
    Be well, be safe and be kind,
    Ms. Cole
    ***March 23, 2020***
    I continue to hope are all well and focusing on their family and friends during this time.  Be gentle to each other!!!  Our google classroom codes are the same from last week, and I am continuing to update information there, including: suggested daily work and Zoom meeting invitations.  This week, the following meetings are scheduled:
     - Alt 11/12:  3.23 and 3.25 at 10 am
     - CP 11 (C and E):  3.23 and 3.25 at 11 am
     - CP 12: 3.24 and 3.26 at 11:30am
     - TBA: 3.27 as needed/requested by students
    Be well,
    Ms. Cole
    ***March 16, 2020***
    Hello my students!
    First and foremost, I hope that you and your loved ones are well.  I am thinking of you all and sending good vibes your way.  Right now, we are not mandated to have any type of virtual meetings - but please, know I am available via email if you need anything.  I am also able (and willing) to host google meet ups with any of you who want to!  
    Please be advised that all of our daily work and check-ins, polls, etc will be posted on your class' google classroom (the platform for assignments and information we have been using all year).  The codes for each class are below, please check there for your updated work.  Be well, Ms. Cole
    Alt 11/12  A Block - vpjhgba
    CP 11 C Block - txaufry
    CP 11 E Block - 7o67c2g
    CP 12 - F Block - kywsycp
    This site will provide you with links to my classes (on the left) along with other helpful information.  Once the year gets undeway, ALL blocks will be using Google Classroom.  Please head to your class section (on the left) to get the code. 
    After school help day is Thursdays.  However, I am available on other days (except for Tuesdays) when the need arises.  Students should see me to make arrangements.
    If questions should arise, always feel free to contact me!  
    Here's to a great school year; full of learning and fun!  Check out this "awesome" Kid President video - happy watching! 
    Mrs. Tara Cole
    English Department
    Special Education Department
    413.538.5063  x 3513