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    Welcome to mywebsite!  I hope you will find the information on this site useful!


    UPDATE MARCH 30TH, 2020

    I am updating my website due to the unexpected closure of our schools; I have sent out Bloomz invitations to all of you; if you did not receive an invite through email, or I have not responded to an email, please email me again at dsullivan@shschools.com. I am checking my email constantly throughout the work day.

    I do plan on having some Google Classroom actvities, and I will forward you those invitations as well. Please be patient as I learn to navigate these online learning platforms!

    For any of my families who have upcoming evaluations, IEP meetings, TPC meetings with early intervention, please know that administration is working on developing protocols as we move through this difficult time. We have not been able to access the school building yet, but Mr. Skala is working on a plan to allow teachers to access to the building to obtain needed work.

    As we go forward, please know that each of your children is in my mind and in my heart. My biggest concern is for the safety, health, and well being of each and all of you. Children are resilient! If 'we' are okay, they will be okay!  Any and all actviities that I have sent, and will continue to send, are not required. They are being provided for each and all of you as enrichment activities, things to enjoy with each other, and ways to keep our minds working!

    Please let me know if there are any additional resources you would like!

    Ms. Darlene