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  • Monday, April 13


    All assignments are now posted on Google Classroom (GC).  

    The Today feature is also posted on the Stream page of my GC.

    Activities should still be referenced here.  I am working on adding them to GC.

  • March 16 - May 4

    During our time away from school, please work on the current assignments daily.  Also, practice math facts and do some of the suggested activities.  You are smart!  Keep your brain working eachday.  Miss all of you!!

     Visit Ms. Saul's website for more ideas.

    Visit Ms. Noble's (Mrs. Bishop) website for an online music game.  


    Here is some contact information if you need to get ahold of a specialist at school:

    Jaclyn Provencher (jprovencher@shschools.com)
    Katy Zraunig (kzraunig@shschools.com)
    Rebecca Lavelle (rlavelle@shschools.com)
    Adjustment Counselor:



    It is so important to come to class ready to

    learn.  Follow these tips to reach your

    greatest potential.  If you are ready to

    learn,you will!


    1. Get a good night's sleep.  Young children need 10-11

    hours every night.  Rested, clear minds are needed to

    approach new ideas and formulate new ones. 

    Sleep is connected to organizing thoughts and storing



    2. Eat well balanced meals.  Breakfast is a must! Snack

    will keep your body and brain working well throughout

    the morning.


    3.  Get plenty of exercise.  Movement not only helps us

    to relax and sleep better atnight, it also is a way that

    children learn.  Get moving.