Welcome to Mr Khalsa's class

  • "Students don't care what you know, till they know that you care."

"Students don't care what you know, till they know that you care."
  • I enjoy working with third graders more than just about anything else.  Their minds are inquisitive, they are developing into industrious workers, and their hearts are still open.  My main goal with each crop of new students is to support them in being kind, caring individuals who cultivate a curiosity about their world and a love of learning.

    This year I am excited to begin team teaching with Deb Vanderpoel.  I can't think of a better person I'd like to be teamed up with :)  I will teach all the English Language Arts subjects (writing, reading, spelling) and she will teach math, science, and social studies.  We look forward to the opportunity to each delve more deeply into our respective content with students this year.

    One of my greatest challenges and joys of teaching is working to make even the most rigerous content (think: MCAS Testing) accessible to and engaging for students.  This is not always an easy task!  Yet last year my class and I surprised ourselves in our ability to tackle even this top-down-mandated learning and make much of it purpuseful and rewarding.  When it came time to take the actual MCAS tests, students made me proud with their hard work and perseverance.

     Here's to another great year for all the students and staff at Mosier!

Papa and his little girl