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    Greetings! and Mr. Whitney welcome to my SHHS webpages.

    I have taught high school mathematics since 1996 and have been a professional educator since 1983. I hold a BA in Mathematics from Westfield State University and a Master’s degree from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

    During the course of my math teaching career I have worked hard to create new, interesting, and thought provoking lessons. Two of these lessons have been published by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) in their journal for high school educations: The Mathematics Teacher.

    The first of these was lesson where students use a graphing calculator to run a Monte Carlo simulation to explore the birthday paradox and perform a graphical analysis of the birthday-problem function. This article ran in the April 2001 edition and currently is available in an adapted form at the NCTM’s lesson resource site:
    My second article to be publishes was on the journal’s feature page for “favorite lessons” [May 2017, “3000 Hits Lesson Overview”]. The lesson built on my being a baseball fan and one day seeing a list of the hit totals for the baseball players in the 3000 Hits Club, each paired with the player’s career batting average). In the lesson students learn how to compare the distributions of data sets that are connected to one-another but where each cover a vastly different range of values (numbers in the thousands and “decimals” from about 0.250 to less than 0.400).
    3000 Hits graph


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