• If you have completed all the work thats been left please send me an email and Ill personally send you more math work to do!!!

    If your here to keep them Math skills tight, your in the right place! 

    Remember...Classwork assigned here is ONLY suggested and is not mandatory!! But a little math never hurt nobody...

    I uploaded a few Algebra/Geometry/Functions worksheets.

    There are also 2 practice MCAS tests geared for students who still need to pass the math MCAS test. The Dept of Education has all of the old MCAS tests for ELA/Science and Math. The new 2019 online test practice is also a good practice option!!

    Any questions or concerns please send me a personal email, or link me on my LINE account (ScottDion).  You can also go on online tutorials at KHANacademy.com to see detailed lessons on how to solve specific types of problems.


    Also...If your looking for math printouts or worksheet type materials try sites like www.math-aids.com or www.superteacher.com These sites offer a very wide spectrum of materials and entry points for all abilities!!

    Stay Safe/Calm/Loving/Caring!!!

    As always please reach out via email or Line and will promptly respond!!

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Mr.Scott Dion M.Ed. sdion@shschools.com


If you need help with online math material please feel free to reach out via email...sdion@shschools.com 

or you can link me on LINE. Line is an online App that you can download and interact with me like Facebook messenger. My line account name is ScottDion.