• Foreign Languages  



    Recognizing that all students are members of the global community, the South Hadley School District supports and encourages the study of foreign language in order to provide the student with the opportunity to develop a better understanding and appreciation of the world in which we live.

    According to the Academic Guidelines for High School Students and Their Parents in Preparing for New England's Public Land-Grant Universities(http://www.necop.org/preparing.html), “Study of a foreign language is an essential part of a good education. Most of our university programs require for admission at least two years of foreign language study in the same language. However, true competence requires much more than two years of study. Knowing a foreign language and acquiring the habit of mastering languages is becoming a practical necessity for all Americans. In an age of increasing economic, political, and social interaction among nations, knowledge of one or more foreign languages and cultures is strongly recommended, regardless of a student's particular career interests and aspirations.”

    In order to prepare for post secondary education admission for competitive four year colleges and universities 4 years of Spanish, French or Latin (at the high school level) is highly recommended.  For successful admission to two-year colleges and many state colleges, at least two years of Spanish, French or Latin (at the high school level) is recommended.