• English  

     Over the course of our absence from school, SHHS English teachers will be working diligently to keep their websites updated with enrichment, review, and extension activities. Per DESE guidelines, these assignments will not be graded. If you have a concern about what work your student has received or not received, please bring it to the attention of the teacher first.


    Take care of yourselves, your family, and your community.


    The English Department of South Hadley High School recognizes the importance of success in the English Language Arts in becoming an informed and productive member of society. In alignment with the Massachusetts Language Arts Curriculum Frameworks, the English courses are designed to produce effective speakers, discerning listeners, perceptive readers, and clear, persuasive writers. By the successful completion of senior year, students will have read a number of American and world authors, discussed and debated many ethical and social issues, and expressed views in varied oral and written forms. 

    Each student must earn a total of 24 credits in English in order to graduate: six credits in freshman English, six in sophomore English, six in junior English, and six in senior English. Every student must successfully complete the prior year program before being allowed to advance to the next level. While students are encouraged to select additional English electives in their junior and senior years, only six English credits per year can be applied to satisfying the department requirement. However, additional English credits will be applied to the total number of credits needed to graduate.