• 3/16/2020

    Please see the email that was sent to families below regarding online math supplements.  Details will be posted frequently on Google Classroom.  A Parent's Guide to Google Classroom resourse is available HERE


    Dear Students, Parents, Guardians and Caregivers,

    While we are on our quarantine break (or 'Staycation Challenge'), I will be posting assignments in Google Classroom for students to complete.  Our class codes are posted on my classroom website.  Students have been logged in since the fall, but adults also also welcome to join to monitor as they desire.  


    I strongly recommend students complete this work as this would be a great way to continue learning math, especially in a life-long setting. (I told them they can pretend they are in college doing classes online like their older siblings and myself!).  I also plan on posting some 'fun' activities or links that might be interesting during this unusual hiatus.  I'm curious as to the new hobbies, books, or other activities the students discover.  I already posted one about Pi Day (3/14), since we were unable to explore it in class on Friday.


    The first assignment I have posted is an article, "Why outbreaks like coronavirus spread exponentially, and how to 'flatten the curve'" so students understand why everyone is supposed to avoid crowds/large groups of people.  Why outbreaks like coronavirus spreads exponentially and how to 'flatten the curve' 


    Geometry students have in hand their current take-home test (Ch 7) and notes for the next chapter (Right Triangles and Trigonometry).  Math 8 students have some material to supplement our Linear Relationship Chapter including trend lines and scatterplots.  These pages will be available online for any student who does not have access to them.  These were made available Friday, but I may determine other exploratory options might be appropriate in the next few weeks.  Should our self-quarantine last longer than three weeks, I will be planning on adjusting our curriculum to reflect the time.  Obviously, this is a fluid and uncharted situation.


    I am also learning how to utilize the technology myself - whether it was video or google meet (which I personally have dragged my feet doing).  I hope to have some of these items figured out my mid-week.  I'll be using this time to work on my own professional and technological development.


    If you have any questions, please feel free to email me.

    Stefani Holmes

  • During this time away from school, my Office Hours will be daily (3/19-3/25) from 4-4:30 pm from my home office (ie: my dining room or my back porch). A Zoom meeting link was sent to all students (and parents/guardians) by email. 

    • Please see Google Classroom for any assignments/content including video links and application problems.  Due dates are 'fluid', but placed there so it displays on the linked calendar.  I'm currently determining content and appropriate supplemental explorations for students given the situation.

    • Please be flexible and patient.  This is a steep learning curve for all of us (and a lesson in multi-tasking and distractions!)

    • You can always email me at sholmes@shschools.com.  I will be checking my email multiple times during the day.

    • A number you can contact me at is 413-561-0847.  This is a number through Google Voice and may not respond to texts.  Don't hesitate to call with questions, and I will try to respond within 24 hours.

  • To log into GoogleClassroom you will need our class access code.  Each block has a different code.  

    For 2019-2020, updated 3/18, the codes are as follows: 

    A Block - Geometry (Red): 5dsh36z

    B Block - Math 8 (Yellow): kaqznhw

    C Block - Math 8 (Green): yuu52ev

    D Block - Math 8 (Blue):ohmadih

    To join the class, click the "+" in the upper right of the google classroom page, then when prompted, use your class code.  With this code, you will have online access to our classroom page which will include assignments, links and announcements.  Be sure to 'submit' when you have completed it.  Adults can also choose to join the class to receive the updates, but we encourage students to become more independent.  https://classroom.google.com/h



  • Welcome to our webpage.   

     Please review your PowerSchool account and email me with any

    questions or concerns you may have.


    Gr8 Year  

    It's going to be a Gr8 Year!


8th Grade Informational Folder

  • Click HERE for the

    Washington, DC Calendar Fundraiser

    in September


    Click HERE for the

    Bag The Community Event

    on Martin Luther King Weekend in January.


    Click HERE for the

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  • In preparation for our MCAS computer testing this Spring, please complete the TestNav tutorial as well as both Math Practice Tests using the links below.  There are also links to PDF files for the Grade 8 Math Reference Sheet and the Equation Editor Guide and Equation Editor Symbols Key.



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