• Welcome to 8th Grade Social Studies!

    This year we will work together to develop our historical thinking skills.  We will analyze primary sources, examine secondary sources, and explore artifacts and events in order to draw conclusions and form opinions.  We will be looking closely at the formation of the United States, how our government works both nationally and locally, as well as learning about civic responsibilities.


    Work through 5/4:


    1. Primary Source Journals - you will create a primary source journal based on your time at home due to Covid-19

    Click here for the directions and daily prompts

    Click here for my daily journal

    2. ABC's of Civics project, directions here

    Students can also access this material through Google Classroom which they have used throughout the year and should be familiar with.

    Students are currently learning about political parties and the Presidential election process.

    Students have also begun their Action Civics Project.  Students will be working with their class as well as Mrs. Tetreault's classes on a weekly basis to complete a project in the community.  For more information ask your student or check out the Action Civics Project tab located on my website.


  • Be sure to visit the Washington D.C. web page for more info on our 2019 trip. Or contact me directly with any questions! arrow

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