• Welcome to 8th Grade Social Studies!

    This year we will work together to develop our historical thinking skills.  We will analyze primary sources, examine secondary sources, and explore artifacts and events in order to draw conclusions and form opinions.  We will be looking closely at the formation of the United States, how our government works both nationally and locally, as well as learning about civic responsibilities.

    Welcome Letter


    Students are wrapping up their year by learning about the role of state and local government.

    Starting in January, students will also begin using time in class a few days a week to explore their role as citizens through Generation Citizen (A Block) and building research skills and expanding knowledge of historical events through National History Day (B, C, D Blocks)

  • Be sure to visit the Washington D.C. web page for more info on our 2019 trip. Or contact me directly with any questions! arrow

Ms. Lake
  • After School help is available Thursday 2:30 - 3:30 

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