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Good Morning and Welcome to our third week of remote learning. i hope everyone is doing well and has been able to check out all the enrichment papers that would help support our online learning. Here are a few papers this week that have been added to our studies. Due dates have been added just to keep with the theme of achievable weekly goals. 

Do Now List due 4.3.2020 Click here    Do Now List

Enrichment Paper Genetics click here  Enrichment Genetics

IN Notes click here In notes page 69    IN notes pg70    IN notes pg 71    If you need to update your IN notes please refer to these pages. 

I'll place comments as you submit your work, read over those comments however you do not need too make corrections and resubmit unless requested. 

Keep well and hopefully see you soon. ~Mrs Drobiak


Good Afternoon - Grade 7 Students & Parents,

Hope all of you are doing well. I wanted to share with you where my thoughts are in continuing our studies of science. My school website, Google classroom, and e-mail will be the best way to keep active with your Science studies. 

1. I'll post the practice assignment on the website calendar and put a due date so that we can keep tract of what we need to practice. 

2. I'll use G.classroom to set up a weekly meeting for each block to help support students. Each weekly meeting will have its own link when I send you an invitation. Meeting will have a date, start time, and end time. 

3. Email is a great way to keep the lines of communication open. I'll check it daily and should be able to respond within 24 hours or sooner. 

I hope to see you all soon via google meet. Keep well.

Mrs Drobiak

3.17.2020 Attentions students - Here are the codes for each Block. I strongly recommend students stay fresh with the activities and concepts we'll go over. The folders will contain power points and or notes ffor their IN. Keep learning and this will be a challenge!

Block A  - iaxymbc

Block B - 6nrm7vs

Block C - zhortgv

Block D - lkzq2qx

Email me if you run into any problems. 

3.16.2020 Attention Students - I've sent out an invitation to join google classroom. Let me know if you run into any problems. Have fun!


I'll be posting all supplemental school items on this home page for you to view and answer. Your responses may be written down on lined paper or typed on the computer. Provide the date and the assignment #.  The following material will allow you to stay sharp and focussed on your studies in Genetics. E-mail if you have any questions. 

 Monday 3.16.2020         Assignment #1

Problem A: Draw a Punnett Square for a (Tt)Heterozygous tall plant X with a (tt)homozygous short plant cross. If T codes for tall pea plant stems and t codes for short pea plant stems, what percentage of the offspring would you expect to have each phenotype?

Draw the punnett square, parent alleles on the outside, offspring on the inside of the square, list genotypes and phenotypes, CSA probability. 




We have a busy year ahead of us with lots of new and exciting things to learn in science, new people to meet, and lots of exploratory lessons/activities to work on.  I am looking forward to a very interesting year with each and everyone of you!  

Topics that will be covered in science this year include: Biology, chemistry, Anatomy, Physics, Genetics, Environmental Science, and Microbiology

Students will be able to...

Observe living organisms using various laboratory tools, follow the steps to the scientific method to write a formal report, and identify life science concepts to be familiar with lab techniques. Think SCIENCE!

Students and parents have access to homework assignments by using the Navigation Bar above or the Homepage worksheets tab on the left. Homework is typically given on Monday and due on Friday each week.

Please feel free to contact me at I will try to respond within 48 hours.