Mrs. Pio
  • Welcome to my website! 

    I am Mrs. Pio, the School Counselor who works at both the Michael E. Smith Middle School and the South Hadley High School. My background includes licensure as an independent clinical social worker (LICSW) and as a drug & alcohol counselor (LADC I) within the appropriate agencies of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. I am also certified by the Department of Education as a School Social Worker/School Adjustment Counselor and as a Guidance Counselor. 

    My position is split between Michael E. Smith Middle School, and South Hadley High School. The specifics of my activities at each school depend on the needs of the student population involved. I head up the South Hadley Drug & Alcohol Prevention Coalition and I direct you to that link to learn more about this interesting group of townsfolk who are committed to helping our town continue to be a safe environment for all of its residents.  In 2013 the Coalition was awarded a substantial federal grant that enables us to expand and intensify our work for the benefit of the young people of South Hadley under Drug-Free Communities.  This is now my primary focus. I would welcome you to join us!

    I write regularly in both the Middle School and the High School family newsletters as a part of my job, hoping to keep parents informed on new trends, to offer suggestions or just to provoke thought. I am always interested to receive your comments or to respond to your ideas and individual needs.

     Currently I am an occasional classroom guest to teach prevention classes to students at the Middle School during the Health or Wellness sequence of classes. I am also the faculty advisor to the Peer Leaders at the High School and co-advisor at the Middle School. I can be found at either school but sometimes I am out in the community at meetings or events so don't hesitate to e-mail me at Check out the Coalition website also at  I really welcome your contact!



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