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  • Welcome to Mr. Bourque's 7th grade Social Studies website! Use the links on the side to navigate to the page you need.


    While we are out of school links:

    Update: 3/30

    Google Classroom is the place to check for daily activities and questions! Each Friday we are going to play a digital Kahoot! So join in!


    Update: 3/23

    Check Google Classroom for a new activity and daily questions for us to stay connected!



    Update: 3/19

    Check Google Classroom for a new activity from our online textbook and a question for us to respond to!



    Khan Academy Ancient Greece:

    Our next unit is on Ancient Greece, and this resource can get us going with a lot of great information!

    BBC Ancient Greece:

    A really good overview on Ancient Greece!


    Please feel free to email me whenever you need (! I'm here for any questions and if you need any other references! Keep on eye on this page and our Google Classroom page for any updates or new materials! Also, reading books is another great activity to help you stay sharp!