• Be a Star!

    Success Through Accepting Responsibility!

    Students are expected to be prepared to learn each day. They need to bring to school the things they know they will need like homework, a reading book, and pencils and notebooks.  It might be useful for them to have a special spot at home to do their homework, be sure that the spot has the materials they need to be successful. 

    My goal for students is to grow and learn in a healthy, safe, and secure classroom. The motto“Respect yourself, respect others, respect your environment and respect learning” is the guide.

    Students are expected to follow all the school rules as described in the student handbook.  Poor choices on their part will be subject to appropriate consequences.

    Just a reminder ......

    Homework is assigned nightly in Math.  Please check out students assignment planners or our class website for when assignments are due.  Students are expected to work on math assignments a maximum of thirty minutes per day.  Once the thirty minutes is up please make a line at the last problem and sign the homework to acknowledge you are aware student completed the time required.  

    As always, at any time if you have any questions or concerns please free to call or email.