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    my email:  jspeck-sherson@shschools.com
    my office hours/extra help:  Wednesdays 2:30-3:45
    our room number:  123


    Homework  5%

    Word Study  15%

    Minor Reading Assignments  15%

    Major Reading Assignments  25%

    Minor Writing Assignments  15%

    Major Writing Assignments  25%

     Global Food Insecurity Research  websites:  1/10 & 1/11

    You can donate directly to our class Heifer site:  https://fundraise.heifer.org/fundraiser/1848459

    Library Database Research Link:  https://www.southhadleyschools.org/Page/1135

    Heifer Site:  https://www.heifer.org/ending-hunger/our-work/index.html


    There are a lot of resources here for parents to be more connected and enhance your child's development this year in ELA.  This page, the homework page and the calender are the pages that contain the most important and day-to-day information.


    This is a great poem that was copied and delivered by an amazing student, for Poetry Friday.  His choosing this poem confirms for me that he understands the power and value of perseverance.  This student is Ryan Netkovick.



    Good Sportsmanship by Richard Armour


    Good sportsmanship we hail, we sing

    It's always pleasant when you spot it.

    There's only one unhappy thing:

    You have to lose to prove you've got it.