• 3-30-20 - DON'T MISS THE PARADE TOMORROW AT 9:00AM.  Starting at the high school


    Two Moles


    Alright folks, a student who rather creatively re-interpreted the directions for using the texts contacted me for clarification.  JUST in case others made the same faulty assumption, let me clarify. 


    You are accessing the on-line text so that you can READ the assigned chapters and take notes, and answer the intertextual questions, just like you have been doing in class all year long.   You must NOT stop on the Interactive Science Page.  Those menus do NOT lead you to the text.


    When you get to the Interactive Science Page, you MUST click on the little blue book icon with the red bookmark in the upper right corner to get to your on-line book text.  To see this just click on The Big Question and the icon will appear.  You will HAVE to allow popups for this to work, and you may have to allow Flash player to work. 


    You do NOT have to do ANY of the work on the Interactive Science Page or the online videos or labs! 


    I hope that clarifies things for anyone who is struggling (this is the first I have heard of it) and feel free to touch base with me if you have any difficulties. I will make this an addendum to the online instructions on my helpful resources page.


    Stay SAFE, Stay HEALTHY, and I REALLY hope to see you at the parade tomorrow!!  Come on out and say hello!


    3-29-20  - OK, no snow, but do NOT get too complacent.  We are going to have freezing temperatures again next Tuesday the 31st!!  Don't plant your potatoes just yet. 


    I hope that by now you have been able to try out the science video games I have linked to our google classroom.  I emailed everyone the link to the classroom, and I have 4 or 5 games from Legends of Learning linked to that site.  CJ has been setting the standard for burning through the levels. 

    These games are meant to be FUN and to review material that you have already had, either this year or in the previous two years. 


    We still haven't received a final word about what Massachusetts is going to do about MCAS, but all this material is good review, whether or not we proceed with testing!  IFF you are having any trouble accessing the games, let me know.  You can also sign in through the Legends of Learning website, but you need to create an account, do a tutorial, and have an access code to that. It is MUCH better to access the games through the google classroom! 




      Think like a proton and stay positive Art Print by theimagezone ...




    3-24-20             GOOD MORNING fellow scientists!

    Well, on this SNOWY March morning I believe we are ready to move ahead in our study of Forces and Energy, while also taking a step back!  I am assigning today Chapters 4 and 5 from your Force and Energy text.  Remember this text is always online if you “accidently” left it at school!  Instructions for accessing the text from home are, as they have always been, on my website.


    So, please read Chapters 4 and 5, take good notes, and answer the intertextual questions.  I would anticipate that if you work away on this for an hour a day (half hour for class missed and half hour for homework) it should take 3-4 days, and I will then share my thoughts about Specific Heat.The “step back” lies in the fact that you all are already VERY familiar with thermal energy and its many manifestations. 


    The most important NEW concept in Chapter 5 is that of specific heat and, as I mentioned, I will share some separate thoughts about that in a couple of days.


    The most important principle in Chapter 4, of course, is the LAW of the Conservation of Energy and I have included a link (BELOW) to a rather entertaining lecture by a remarkable professor named Walter Lewin about precisely that subject – the Conservation of Energy.  I hope that this is enjoyable AND informative.




    Addendum 3-23-20 

    It has come to my attention that SOME of you have the mistaken notion that I am expecting work to be turned in while we are in quarantine. 

    This is NOT the case. 

    The due dates are suggested dates for when things should be completed at home. I am not collecting ANYTHING until 2 days AFTER we return to school.

    So do not worry about getting me work in any format.  I hope that clarifies things!! Again, if you have any questions, drop me an email.

    Dr B


    3-23-20  GOOD MORNING fellow science-farers 

    I hope that this finds you and your loved ones all in the best of health, albeit a bit bored, wearied, irked, and well, frankly, miffed (pardon my French) with this seemingly interminable delay in your scientific education! NOT TO WORRY, even though today you have another strong reason for staying at home (here comes the Onion snow!  Look it up!), Dr Blaisdell would not leave you without some interesting tidbit to keep your hand in the Science pool. 

    Today it is a video from NOVA on a subject that has been central to what we have been studying all year long: Patterns in Nature and the Shape of Things. This video explores how certain shapes continue to turn up in nature often in the most disparate of settings. 

    I have stressed all year that science is ultimately about "Pattern Recognition", and this video really points out the importance of looking in many, many places for those patterns.

    I hope that you enjoy this, and I would strongly recommend you take notes on the points you find most helpful!! You will need to use Chrome as your browser, or some other browser, as I could not get this to work on Firefox!



    OBTW - I am checking my email regularly, so, if you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to touch base by email with me.  Stay healthy!



    ADDENDUM for 3-19-20:  11:45 PM - Happy Vernal Equinox (That's the first day of Spring!!)  Tomorrow you can use your outdoor walk time to look for Crocuses, Daffodils, and Tulips!  ALWAYS welcome the Spring with open arms!  Do your very best happy dance (it's very like your snow dance!)  If you would like a little more cerebral information on the vernal equinox, one good resource is the following website:  



    3-19-20 -For those of you watching for updates - Ms Remer has put up a GREAT link for other extracurricular activites for learning while we are trappe... er, "Exiled for the Good of the Kingdom"! Please find it on our MESMS website OR by following the link below! 



    I also have attached a link (BELOW!) to a Bill Nye video that may help you navigate the murky waters of Chapters 2 and 3 as you read them.  I think it is a useful adjunct!  ENJOY! 



    In ADDITION, (As a special bonus because I am so devoted to you!) I have attached (BELOW) a link to a video documentary on how to build a REALLY cool Roller Coaster.  It's all about potential and kinetic energy and the transformation between the two.  This is for your enjoyment!  I can absolutely see some of you topping these engineers for spills and thrills in 10-20 years! 




    OYE OYE OYE - Ahoy, all you science sailors on these turbulent Coronavirus Seas!!  PLEASE NOTE ALL STUDENTS that I outlined the work you may pursue at home while we are out of school in class last Thursday and Friday.


    BUT, I have summarized it again on my Helpful Resources Page (tab to the left) and you may use any of the suggestions to keep up with your science education while we are out.  So far it sounds like the MCAS are still a go for May.  Have fun, play games, read books, and use these online resources to keep your hand in the science game! 


    ABOVE ALL - stay healthy


    Greetings to all 8th Grade Scientists!!!


    Welcome to My Lab Pages!!!
    8th Graders in Room 234
    have fearlessly entered

    Dr. Blaisdell's 
    Kids or parents may contact me anytime at:

    2019-2020 promises to be an exciting year of scientific discovery filled with experiments, nature walks, and tours over and under the planet Earth.

    Some of our journey this year will be beautiful ...


    Some quite terrifying


    The only constant is that the

    world of science is never boring to a critical mind;

    a mind that CONSTANTLY asks questions!




    So we will gather, as a group of curious investigators: 



    Some of us will be easygoing



    Some tenacious

    Some curious

    Others cautious

    and some just in it for the fun

    But it will ALWAYS be ELECTRIFYING




    Some Stay Safe and Think INSIDE the box

    Others are brave enough to think OUSTIDE the box

    Don't worry if you don't get it all at once;

     Just pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start all over again!



    So as the Pennsylvania Dutch say,

    Rufen oft und lange bleiben!

    "Call often and stay long!"

Dr. Theodore Blaisdell



Degrees and Certifications:

Dr. Theodore Blaisdell

Dr B has ALWAYS been an enthusiastic TIGER!


Dr B was born (yes he was actually a baby once.  (Not a small baby but a baby)) in Philadelphia, PA at the University of Pennsylvania Hopsital in 19 ...mumble mumble mumble.



After 18 short years he wandered his way northward to New Hamshire where he attend Dartmouth College and majored in Religion.  There he continued his Tiger passion:


Ted then decided to go to Medical school and attended Hahnemann Medical school in Philadelphia and then did an internship in surgery at Dartmouth-Mary Hitchcock Medical Center and then a residency in Family Practice at Lancaster General Hospital in Lancaster PA. 


After practicing Family Medicine for a number of years Dr B decided to upursue graduate education in English with an eye toward studying and teaching Medicine and Literature as interdisciplines.


Dr B went back to Lehigh University, got his Masters in English, and was completing his PhD work when he got a job in Philadelphia teaching Medicine and Literature in Philadelphia.


Soon Dr B and his family moved BACK to New England, and he began to substitute teach in South Hadley.  Dr B fell in love with South Hadley and teaching 8th grade science and has been here ever since.