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    HELP!  During the school day . . . all Health students are expected to have a pencil daily and a folder that stays in the room.  Please ask your child if they are doing their part to fully participate in Health class.

    Adolescence Health and Puberty lessons at MESMS

    If you have questions, concerns or interest in learning about the Puberty / Human Growth and Development units taught in Health and Wellness, grades 5 - 8 please contact me about what we teach.  I have sample worksheets and videos you are welcome to preview. These lessons will be presented in the Health and Wellness classes.

     I can arrange for folks to preview the Growth and Development videos in school at any time, just call me and we can set up a date.  All questions are welcome!

    Ms. Cook


    (413) 538 - 5074 ext. 4111


    Definition of Health:

    Health Education is the study of Wellness. It covers topics

    and issues that enhance three parts of our health.

    These three areas include:

    • Physical Health
    • Social Health               
    • Mental / Emotional Health                          

    Students rotate between Wellness and Physical Education classes all year every other day. On the opposite day they may have Health, Art, Technology or Music for a quarter of the year. (Only grade 7 and 8 have Foreign Language ). Ask your kids to tell you when they have Health, and when they say they are in . . . "health with Ms. Cook," know that they are in for an exciting and jam-packed learning experience.  For more information about each grade level, select the tabs on the left side of this page.


    Who is Ms. Cook??

    Welcome! You may be wondering, "Who is Ms. Cook?" Let me tell you. I am the youngest in a family of six children, all born in New Jersey. 

    In 8th grade my family moved to England, and I attended the American School in London for high school. I went to Springfield College to study Physical Education and Health, and UMASS Amherst for my Masters.

    Since graduation I have taught in Hardwick, Hadley and South Hadley, MA. In 1996 I was hired to be the District Health Coordinator and since then, have moved into teaching Middle School Health exclusively.  I love my job and love watching your children grow.

    In addition, I have two young boys of my own pictured here and playing on the beach in 2016!



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