•  Hi Everyone,    March 29, 2020

    I hope everyone is doing good and enjoyed the sunny weather this pass weekend, to bad it is going to rain for the next couple of days.

    I have sent everyone an email on suggested activities for this coming week=March 30, April 3.  If you did not get one please let me know,  I am learning a lot of new technology these days!  

    This weeks activities are forces on the Standard Chemistry.  It is a review of the standard themes we studied  this fall.

    1.  Go to Chem4kids.com

    2.  Click on the section Chemistry. I have broken down section into different days.  Work at your own pace.

    3.  Monday- Matter

        Tuesday- Atoms

        Wednesday- Periodic Table

        Thursday- Biochemistry

        Friday- Elements 1-36

    Please read, view the videos, and the reference links and the quiz.  I bet you are going to be surprise of how much you remember from this fall.  

    If at anytime you have any questions email me.  I plan to be online everyday from 12:30-2:30, but feel free to email me anytime.

    I would love to hear from everyone.  Questions, feedback on this site or just to chat 

    Take care and be safe.

    hello, and good morning,

    I hope everyone is doing well,        March 26,2020

    As everyone has heard, it is May th now instead April th. we hope to be back in school.  I have open all the science them books for everyone if you would like to go read and do the fun activities in the book. If you cannot get online, please email me and state what you are using as a user name and password. Thanks

    if you would like to these activities on the readings about Earth 's Surface, ch.1 and the questions which go along with the reading. That would be great. If you can also check out the online labs. Any questions you answer are for you. 

    Later this week, I am looking into  Topographic Mapping chapter 4. Also is the next topic of standard you can look into.  I will post website videos that have some great activities for you and other family members.

    Hi Everyone       

    Remember, this is just suggest topic activities you may want or can to do while we are waiting to come back to school.                                                                                                              March 23, 2020

    I have sent all students some information about Electric and Magnetism theme this week. 

     I hope everyone was able to finish he Earth's surface packet and you can keep it in your folder.


    Activities for March 23, week are as follows:

    Questions from Ch. 6 & 7, Please write them down on paper and put in folder.

    1. How does a maglev train use electricity and magnetism?

    2.  How are electricity and magnetism related?

    3.I.D. and describe the properties of magnets

    4. How can electrical energy be transferred into mechanical energy

    5. Is there a difference between electrical energy and mechanical energy?

    6. Electricity from magnetism, How?

    7.  What part do these three items have to do with electricity, conductor, generator, and transformer.

    8.  Do you have any questions?

    II.  I have put together videos of Electricity and Magnetism in our world.  Take notes and answer the questions which I have posted.  Then put the notes and answers in your folder.  Please email me if you are having trouble viewing the sites.

        1.  The wonder of Electricity and Magnetism  by Walter Levin  YOUTUBE

        2. Bill Nye the science Guy S01E16 Electricity--Questions to think about:  Where does electricity come from?  What is a close and open circuit? Does a cold metal conduct electricity better than a warm metal?  If so why?  Google

       3. Bill Nye the science Guy S02E05 Static Electricity-- cool demos  Google

       4.  Fun Science Demos Exploring Static Electricity --Enjoy the many different demos   Google

       5.  How does a lightning Rod System work to Protect Buildings?  ---How many times has the Empire building been hit by lightning?  Youtube

       6.  What causes lightning?  -Also has a great part about Ben Franklin    Youtube

       7.  Strange Lightning Strikes Caught on Camera explained --What is intracloud light?, What is cloud to air lightning?, Can you now I.D. the different lightning strikes?

    III Topographic Maps   I will post later this week an activity on the standard topographic maps and why everyone should be able to read and understand a topographic map

    I hope to see veryone soon,  Take care and drop me line on how you are doing these days.  Ms. Bach





    Hello Everyone,                                                                                                                    March 17, 2020

    I hope everyone is doing good this week.    I have open the porthole of the science books for everyone.  If the link is not working, please let me know.

    I have made list of activities you can do while we are waiting to return to work.  The activities are for you only, no grade on any of the suggest activities or readings.

    As everyone knows, I gave out hard packet copies of Earth's Surface Friday.  They are for reading and reviewing vocabulary of Earth's Surface.  If you do not have these copies, that is ok.  Maybe one of your friends can send you a photo copy of the papers.  BUT, you can also Open up the Earth's Surface book and read about our Earth's Surface  Think about what factors  make our Earth's Surface look like it does now  We will go over these factors when we return to school.

    Activities for week March 18-23 is read Ch. 6 & 7.  Read and answer the questions in the reading. 

    Remember all books are open for you to look at and read.  User name:  is your lunch code @MESMS   password:  MESMS2019    If this does not work please email me your code so I can check  my list of your code number and try it out.  Thank you

    I plan to add you tube videos of the standard themes you are reading about next week so keep checking my homework page and this page.

    Remember to check Dr. B's resource page a couple times a week.  Many new and different items we are adding to this site.

    Please also email me with any questions or concerns you may have.

    Take care, Ms. Bach






    Many new standards and activities for this 2019-2020 school year.

    Your book is on line.  In class, you will be given your username and password. 

           UPDATE TO PASS CODE      please use the number printed on the handout  Thank you

    The website for the book is Pearsonsuccess.net

     username is you lunch code number and adding @MESMS ( all Upper case letters). ie 111111@MESMS

     password is : MESMS2018     ( all upper case letters)

    Binder setup

    Sec. 1  Classwork/notes/quizzes

    Sec. 2 VOCAB.

    Sec. 3  LABS

    Sec. 4  Test/Projects

    Sec. 5  WARM-UPS or now called " DO Nows"



     If this does not work, please let me know or go to the help at the Pearsonsuccess website   


     Contact Information:

       Email: ebach@shschools.com

       Phone: 413-538-5074