• Welcome to 8th grade Science 

    Many new standards and activities for this 2019-2020 school year.

    Your book is on line.  In class, you will be given your username and password. 

           UPDATE TO PASS CODE      please use the number printed on the handout  Thank you

    The website for the book is Pearsonsuccess.net

     username is you lunch code number and adding @MESMS ( all Upper case letters). ie 111111@MESMS

     password is : MESMS2018     ( all upper case letters)

    Binder setup

    Sec. 1  Classwork/notes/quizes

    Sec. 2 VOCB.

    Sec. 3  LABS

    Sec. 4  Test/Projects

    Sec. 5  WARM-UPS or now called " DO Nows"



     If this does not work, please let me know or go to the help at the Pearsonsuccess website   


     Contact Information:

       Email: ebach@shschools.com

       Phone: 413-538-5074