Welcome to my page!

    All students have been invited and added to my Google Classroom for Science.  

    Each day of the week I am posting a "Challenge of the Day!" Where students use their science knowledge to investigate different phenomena!  

    Students will be applying their skills to observe, create, explore, research, and evaluate the world around!

    Check Google Classroom each day around 8am for the Challenge of the day!  https://classroom.google.com/

    All challenges can be completed in any order and can be submitted to Google Classroom or their Science folder on their Google Drive!

    Please email me with any questions: nsodano@shschools.com


    I will send emails periodically to both parent/guardian and student addresses periodically with information or details about specific things so please keep an eye out for details!

    *All work is recommended but not graded nor required at this time!

    I love you all and can't wait to see you again soon! 
    Here is a link to my Youtube Channel if you want to see some cool things I have done in class in the past!  https://www.youtube.com/user/mrsnsodano/featured?view_as=subscriber 
    Don't forget to wash your hands and be kind!
    Talk to you soon!
    -Mrs. Sodano








    Our classroom community is off to a wonderful start.  We have a wonderful group of students who have shown a real excitement about school and learning.  We began our school year by sharing our goals, hopes, and dreams for 5th grade.  We also spent time reviewing our school expectations of:


    Be Resilient


    Be Respectful


    Be Responsible


    Classrooms discussed what these expectations look and sound like throughout our day.  We also talked about how these rules will help us achieve our goals, hopes, and dreams.


    Current 5th Grade Non-Negotiables for all Academic Work:

    -All responses will be in complete sentences with correct capitalization and correct end punctuation.

    -Spelling will be correct when the words are in the classroom environment; for example, words on the assignment, in the text or on the wall.

    -All work will be neat and legible.

    -All work will include full name and date at the top.


    We will spend time throughout the year learning and practicing these expectations to ensure that each student comes to school to learn, have fun, and be safe.