•    The School Committee has five members who are elected for 3-year terms on a rotating basis.  Annual Town elections take place on the second Tuesday in April.

              An incumbent or any other registered voter in South Hadley, may file for candidacy for School Committee.  Candidates should obtain nomination papers from the Town Clerk's Office at Town Hall, when they become available in January.  They must be returned by mid-February with 50 signatures of registered voters from South Hadley. 

              Elected school committee members begin their term of office on the day after their election. Prior to taking a seat on the committee, the Town Clerk must administer the oath of office to the elected member at Town Hall.

              If a vacancy results from a School Committee member not completing their term of office, after one week's notice to the public, the Selectboard and remaining members of the School Committee may meet and jointly appoint a successor from interested candidates.  The appointed member will serve until the next town election, at which time a member will be elected to serve the remainder of the term, if any.