Workouts for week of May 26-29 7th and 8th graders

  • Directions for week May 26-May 29, 2020 for 7th & 8th Graders PE/Wellness:

    1. Pick a workout from the list I have given you in the past 4 weeks,one of your own or a physical activity of your own(30 minutes or longer)

    2. Do this Tuesday through Friday

    3. Email me at end of the week or weekend

    4.Your email should include what you did daily for workouts or activities, how the week went for, hard, interesting, share with me what you liked, disliked and anything else you want me to know.

    Full Credit will be given after you have done this. Thanks! Have fun!

    *If the workouts listed here are not appealing, feel free to do workouts from previous weeks, or one of your own*