• Hello Students!

    The assignment this week (June 15-19) is broken down into 6 items below.  Please read through all information.

    1. Make sure that you have submitted all outstanding work that is listed as MISSING OR INCOMPLETE in PowerSchool.  You have until TUESDAY, June 16th at 2:00 pm to earn credit toward your 4th Quarter grade.


     2. If you choose to make up any MISSING or INCOMPLETE assignments, please complete the assignment according to the directions on my website for the given week.


    3. Please email me when you have completed the work so that I know to grade it for you.  


    4. Please remember that Q4 is graded as Pass/Fail.  


    5. You will need to have 60% “Collected” marks in PowerSchool to earn a Passing grade for Q4. For Q4, there are 10 Assignments in PowerSchool, so you must have "Completed" 6 of the 11 assignments to earn a Pass in Powerschool for Q4.


    6. By this time, you should have returned ALL textbooks!  Please note, you had the following obligations for US History:

    Give Me Liberty! (likely covered text)

    Voices of Freedom (small, soft-covered text)