• Hello Students!

    The assignment this week (Week of June 8-12) entails completing the One-Pager Assignment below, which will finish our study of WWII.  Please Click HERE to download the document. This will be your last assignment for the school year!!!! :)

    *Please complete all work by Friday, 6/12 at 8:00pm.  You will be submitting your Mandatory: Credit/No Credit work to Ms. Goelz at lgoelz@shschools.com.  Remember, you must be signed into your shschools gmail account. 


    World War II

    One-Pager Assignment

    (Click HERE to download the document.)


    Prompt/Rationale:  A one-pager is a single page, visual way to efficiently convey a topic that you’ve studied.   It is a way to be creative and demonstrate your own interests within a topic, and it is a way to be convey those interests and the most important information about that topic for your viewer. A one pager allows you to connect the topic to you and your thoughts, and a way to connect the historical topic/event to image. It is a personal interpretation and should be original, meaningful, and deliberate. 

    How to Proceed: You will reflect upon the World War II unit and consider one aspect of WWII that stood out to you.  Perhaps you were most interested in it, perhaps it was most intrigued by it, or maybe it’s an area that you’d like to learn more about.  Whatever you choose, we will call that one aspect your “content focus.”  This content focus will become the focal point of your One-Pager Assignment and inform every Criteria for Success below.  You will submit this One-Pager by either scanning your assignment or taking a picture, and emailing your One-Pager to me at: lgoelz@shschools.com.


    Criteria for Success: You must design and hand-draw all parts of the One-Pager.  Don’t worry if you don’t consider yourself artistic.  Get creative in order to fulfill the Criteria for Success! 


    ___a. Use an unlined 8.5x11 piece of paper.


    ___b. Write you our content focus as a title of the paper. Place the content focus title somewhere in the top 1/3 of the page and include “World War II” in smaller font below or next to the content focus title.  For example, a content focus could be: the ‘Atrocities of War,’ ‘Women of the Homefront,’ ‘D-Day,’ etc. This is entirely up to you. 


    ___c. Draw your image which visually depicts or symbolically represents your content focus. This image will be the focal point of your paper and will stand out to the viewer as the most important element of your One-Pager. 


    ___d. Include drawn images and/or doodled words in the vicinity of your content focus image from Criteria for Success (c).  These drawn images and/or doodled words should be smaller in size than your focal image and may represent sub-concepts of your content focus.  For example, if your content focus is the atrocities of war, you may draw a representation of the targeted cities or the planes that dropped the atomic bombs.


    ___e. Write a paragraph explanation of your content focus for an uniformed viewer.  This paragraph would include any important information like facts, terms, dates, statistics, etc. necessary to inform the viewer. This paragraph should be smaller than your content focus image in (c).  It should be located somewhere on the paper where it is important, but does not detract from the content focus image in (c).


    ___f. Write your name in the lower right-hand corner of the paper. 


    ___. Optional: Draw a border which visually or symbolically represents your content focus. 


    Please Click HERE for an example One-Pager from the download file.