• Hello Students!

    The assignment this week (June 1-5) is titled, Affected and Affecting.  It entails completing the following FOUR items below in preparation for our last Google Meet Class on Thursday, 6/11.  ****Mandatory: Credit/No Credit. Note that you will turn in Part 4 by Monday, 6/8! 


    Part 1: Reread the Overview and Explanation below.


    Overview & Explanation: In these last couple of weeks together, I’d like to focus on coming back to the definition of Sociology and the most important goal of learning about sociology, which is developing a Sociological Perspective.  If you remember, Sociology is the study of how we are affected by others and how others affect us.  And, Sociological Perspective is Defined: Looking at the world around you in a unique way that allows you to see things differently, by:1.Acknowledging that Your Identity shapes your experience and how you view the world, 2.Being willing to suspend your own prejudices, assumptions, and beliefs about the way you think things are, 3. Learning to question everything.  So, I’d like to use these last couple of weeks to create a kind of “Show and Tell” way of interacting with one another in order to continue to develop our Sociological Perspective.  So, how will we do this?  We will still keep the 2 Week Model of the School Closure assignments: Week 1: Work with a prompt/resource(s); Week 2: Google Meet, with the option to complete Absence Assignments if you cannot make the Google Meet. Absence Assignments will continue to assess the Week 1: Work with a prompt/resource(s) part of the model, but will also incorporate and include some Unit 5: Life in Groups content that remains in the unit.  So, I hope that you will appreciate this model and the opportunity to end our Sociology experience fulfilling the concepts and goals of the course. 


    Part 2: Write a strong paragraph or two response to the prompt: How has this sociology course (the content, the case studies, the readings, class discussion/activities, etc.) influenced or impacted YOU AND/OR developed YOUR Sociological Perspective*.  **You do not need to turn this in right now. 


    Part 3: Write a 6 Word Memoir that encompasses you. Have this ready for next week’s Google Meet class.  **You do not need to turn this in right now. See instructional resources a. & b. below: 

    Instructional Resources:

    a. Explanation of a 6 Word memoir Click HERE for 1 min. YouTube Video.

    b. Further explanation & examples of 6 Word Memoirs.  Click HERE to read/listen (National Public Radio)


    Part 4: Students post a “Show & Tell” about ONE one thing that has changed your own sociological perspective, or has continued to develop your sociological perspective.  **Mandatory: Credit/No Credit.  You must SUBMIT this to your Class Shared Google Doc by 8:00 am on Monday, 6/8.  Click HERE to access the Shared Google Doc. 

    In your “Show & Tell” post, you each should include the 6 items below:

    1. Your Name & “Show & Tell” Title bolded or underlined (get creative to make one if it doesn’t have one)

    2. What type of media: ex. Website (section title if it is part of a larger website), Book, blog, Someone you follow on social media, Movie, etc. 

    3. Link to your “Show & Tell” so that others can access it. (If you’re trying to link a book, link to the book’s title on Amazon if it is not freely accessible.)

    4. Please write a 1 paragraph summary of what this “Show & Tell” is or is about.

    5. Please write a 1 Paragraph explanation for how it has affected your own Sociological Perspective.

    6. Please write a 1 Paragraph explanation for why others should see this “Show & Tell.”  

    **Remember, You must SUBMIT these 6 items above to your Class Shared Google Doc by 8:00 am on Monday, 6/8.  Click HERE to access the Shared Google Doc. 


    *See Part 1 for the definition and explanation of Sociological Perspective if you forget.