**Please remember to drop off your Sociology textbook(s) this week.  Drop off is between 2-5 pm Thursday, 5/28 & Friday, 5/29. 

    For this Absent Assignment, you will be completing FOUR parts below.


    Part 1: Please review the UNDERCLASSMEN ONLY work for the Week of May 18-22 on my website.  Click HERE for the Week of May 18-22.


    Part 2: Please view Slides 33-47 of the Unit 5: Life in Groups Notes located under the Sociology School Closure Assignments page on my website.  Click HERE for those Notes.

    **Note that you will be viewing only Slides 33-47 and within Slide 44, you are directed to watch 3 video links on the slide. Also, note that you do not need to complete the information with strikes through the content.

    **The 3 video links are here, just in case:

    The Asch Experiment.  Click HERE for the link. 

    The Milgram Experiement.  Click HERE for the link.

    The Milgram Experiment Explained.  Click HERE for the link.


    Part 3: **Mandatory: Credit/No Credit.  Complete the Google Form according to your class level.

    Click HERE for the HONORS Google Form

    Click HERE for the CP Google Form


    Part 4: **Mandatory: Credit/No Credit.  Go to your Class’ Shared Google Document and look to May 25-29 and the Reflection Response directions for For Those Who Were ABSENT from the Google Meet on Thursday, May 28.  Click HERE for your Class’ Shared Google Document.