• Hello Students!

    The assignment this week (May 25-29) entails completing the 6 Parts of the Criteria for Success about the Atrocities of War during WWII.  

    *Please complete all work by Friday, 5/29 at 8:00pm.  You will be submitting your **Mandatory: Credit/No Credit work in Part 5 to the Google Form. Click HERE for the link. 


    Criteria for Success:

    Part 1: Please watch my brief instructional video introducing our focus of World War II: The Atrocities of War.  Click " HERE for the link. 


    Part 2: Complete the ‘Values in War’ sheet.  Click HERE to access the file. 

    **You do not need to turn this in. 


    **Optional: Please keep brief summary notes on each source that you will encounter below.


    Part 3: Please view the Holocaust Source below (1 total source).

    Watch the Band of Brothers scene of the 101st Airborne Unit liberating a Concentration Camp in Germany. Click HERE for the link.


    Part 4: Please view the Allied Bombing Campaign of 1945 Sources (3 total sources).

    Source 1: Bombing of Dresden, Germany.  Click HERE for the BBC article. 

    Source 2: Bombing of Dresden, Germany # 2. Click HERE for the video clip.

    Source 3: Bombing of Tokyo, Japan. Click HERE for the CNN article. 


    Part 5: Complete an S-I-T Paragraph Response in the Google Form.  Click HERE for the Google Form link. 

    **Mandatory (Credit/No Credit)**


    Part 6: You must return ALL textbooks to school this week**.  Drop off is from 2:00-5:00 Tuesday, 5/26-Friday, 5/29.  Please note, you will return the following obligations for US History:

    Give Me Liberty! (large softcover text, likely covered)

    Voices of Freedom (small softcover text)