• Hello Students!

    The assignment this week (May 18-22) is broken down into assignments for SENIORS ONLY and UNDERCLASSMEN ONLY.  Each grade level has separate assignments.  PLEASE COMPLETE THE ASSIGNMENT ACCORDING TO GRADE LEVEL.


    SENIORS ONLY: Make sure that you have submitted all outstanding work that is listed as MISSING OR INCOMPLETE in PowerSchool.  You have until THURSDAY, MAY 21st at 2:00 pm to earn credit toward your 4th Quarter grade.

    Seniors, please read the following 6 pieces of information:

    1. Read through your Class' Shared Google Document under the entry for May 11-15. Click HERE to access those Class Shared Google Docs.

    2. If you choose to make up these assignments, please complete the assignment according to the directions on my website for the given week. For most, it includes:

    The Absence Assignment, which is often the completion of a Google Form AND the Reflection Response on your class’ Shared Google Doc. Please write your Reflection Responses according to the assignment week written on the Google Doc.

    3. Please email me when you have completed the work so that I know to grade it for you.  

    4. Please remember that Q4 is graded as Pass/Fail.  

    5. For seniors, there will be/are 6 total assignments.  You will need to have 4 (~60%) “Collected” marks in PowerSchool to earn a Passing grade for Q4. 

    6. You must return ALL textbooks in order to earn your diploma and final transcript!  You will be notified of the date by SHHS asap.  Please note, you will return the following obligations for Sociology:

    The Real World (Green text; Honors ONLY)

    Down to Earth Sociology (White text; ALL students)

    Nickel and Dimed (some of you may still have this book)


    UNDERCLASSMEN ONLY: The assignment this week for UNDERCLASSMEN ONLY (May 18-22) is broken down into 7 parts to complete.  

    Part 1: Read through your Class' Shared Google Document under the entry for May 11-15. Click HERE to access those Class Shared Google Docs.


    Part 2: Read the “Overview and Explanation” below. 

    Overview & Explanation: In these last couple of weeks together, I’d like to focus on coming back to the definition of Sociology and the most important goal of learning about sociology, which is developing a Sociological Perspective.  If you remember, Sociology is the study of how we are affected by others and how others affect us.  And, Sociological Perspective is Defined as Looking at the world around you in a unique way that allows you to see things differently, by:1.Acknowledging that Your Identity shapes your experience and how you view the world, 2.Being willing to suspend your own prejudices, assumptions, and beliefs about the way you think things are, 3. Learning to question everything.  So, I’d like to use these last couple of weeks to create a kind of “Show and Tell” way of interacting with one another in order to continue to develop our Sociological Perspective.  So, how will we do this?  We will still keep the 2 Week Model of the School Closure assignments: Week 1: Work with a prompt/resource(s); Week 2: Google Meet, with the option to complete Absence Assignments if you cannot make the Google Meet. Absence Assignments will continue to assess the Week 1: Work with a prompt/resource(s) part of the model, but will also incorporate and include some Unit 5: Life in Groups content that remains in the unit.  So, I hope that you will appreciate this model and the opportunity to end our Sociology experience fulfilling the concepts and goals of the course. 


    Part 3: Read the Topic Overview & Why? below.

    Topic Overview: Dreams during the Pandemic

    Why?:  During the last CP combined Google Meet on May 7th, students began to discuss the topic of dreams and how some students have noticed a change in their dreams while they sleep.  Because dreams and the study of dreams fit into our Self and Socialization Unit, Unit 4, and many students were intrigued by it, let’s use this as the topic of study this week.


    Part 4: Make a Dream Journal, recording your dreams for at least a week.  

    Remember, our Google Meet is on Thursday 5/28, so anytime prior to this date.  How?  Write down or find a method to record the content of your dreams for each night that you keep track of your dreams.  


    Part 5: Read the resources according to your course level.

    Honors: Read a combination of any 3 resources below.

    CP: Read a combination of any 2 resources below.


    The Pandemic is Giving People Vivid, Unusual Dreams.  Here’s Why. Click HERE to access.


    Is Coronavirus Making You Have Weird Dreams? Actually, Yes.  Click HERE to access.


    The Science Behind Your Weird Coronavirus Dreams.  Click HERE to access.


    Why So Many People Are Experiencing Weird Pandemic Dreams.  Click HERE to access.


    To Sleep, Perchance to Dream (Audio File) Click HERE to access.


    Part 6: Complete an S-I-T Paragraph to the content that you were presented with in the Dream articles, according to your course level below. 

    Honors: Complete an S-I-T Response Paragraph (write response to include TWO categories of Surprising, Interesting, Troubling.  So, for example, I’m choosing to write about something within the article that is Surprising AND something within the article that is Interesting,. Don’t forget to discuss in your paragraph WHY these things are particularly S-I-T.)


    CP: Complete an S-I-T Response Paragraph (you only need to write ONE response to something that is EITHER Surprising, Interesting, or Troubling.  Don’t forget to discuss in your paragraph WHY something is particularly S-I-T.)


    Part 7: Interact with others in your Primary or Secondary Group who feed your soul for at least 30 minutes.  Interpret “interact” as appropriate to you, your family, and CDC guidelines.