• This Absence Assignment is for ALL Students who missed the Google Meet on Thursday, 5/14. Please complete the TWO items below by Monday, 5/18 at 8:00am. 

    1. **Mandatory (Credit/No Credit):  Write at least 5-8 Appreciations and email these in a Google Doc to me at lgoelz@shschools.com.   See Directions below. 

    Directions for "Appreciations" & Definition of Sociology

    ___a. Review the definition of Sociology because in our last meeting together, we are going to be affecting the society, as well as being affected by it with this Appreciations activity. 

    Sociology is the study of how individual human actions affect the larger society and how the larger society affects individual human behavior, thought, and action.  (Sociology also explores the organizations, institutions, and inequalities that affect social life.)  

    ___b. Aim for 5-8 appreciations towards members of your Sociology class, but more is fine.  These may either be specific ways that you were affected by individuals within class, or words to the class that you want to leave behind.   (See class rosters nested as a page below the Week of May 11-15 page.)


    2. **Mandatory (Credit/No Credit): Please post your Appreciations that you completed for this week’s assignment, attaching them with your name, or anonymously.  This is your choice.  However, if you leave them anonymously, please email me to let me know which Appreciations are your submission on the document.  Click HERE to access those Class Shared Google Docs.


    Please submit Absence Assignment by 8:00am on Monday, 5/18.