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    The Absence Assignment that you're working on is based upon the work completed the previous week.  Look at the Week of April 27-May 1 for the assignment that informs the absence assignment for May 4-8 that you're trying to complete.  It will include the articles that this Absent Assignment is asking about. 
    All the work that you're doing during the School Closure follows a pattern.  The pattern is: Work one week, Google Meet the next week.  Work one week, Google Meet the next week.....If you cannot make the Google Meet in the second week, you wind up submitting some or sometimes more of the assignments  done from the week prior.  
    Absence Assignment:



    **Remember, Also to Complete the other portion of the Mandatory (Credit/No Credit) Assignment for May 4-8: Write a Reflection Response by 8:00am on the Monday following the Google Meet class on the Class Google Document (located under Sociology School Closure tab or linked here). Note that you will still complete this even if you were absent from the Google Meet Class on Thursday, 5/7.