• What's a preposition again?under pic

    Basic location prepositions:

    up, down, beside, above, at, behind, below, beside, by, in, in front of, off, on, out, outside, over, to, under

    Later developing location prepositions

    aboard, across, against, ahead of, along, among, around, beneath, between, beyond, into, near, onto, past, through, throughout, toward, underneath, upon, within

    Relational prepositions:

    about, as, but, by, from, despite, except, for, like, of, to, with, without

    Time prepositions:

    after, at, before, during, since, throughout, till, until, while


    Preposition fun is everywhere throughout your day:

    Pick 5 objects in the house and put them in different places.  Model for the child where the object is using words like "on","in", "under", "next to", and "behind".desmond with turtle

    Perhaps take pictures and send them to loved ones:  help your child add the words like "on", "next to", etc.