• **Hello everyone! I hope you are all staying healthy, busy, and washing your hands and feeling stress free.

    Weekly expectations for Full Credit to Pass this year:

    Directions for each week :

    1. Pick a workout from the list I  give you, one of your own workouts  or a physical activity of your own(30 minutes or longer)

     2. Do this Monday through Friday

    3. Email me at end of the week or weekend

    4.Your email should include what you did daily for workouts or activities, how the week went for you....fun, hard, interesting, share with me what you liked, disliked and anything else you want me to know.

    Full Credit will be given after you have done this. Thanks! Have fun!




    Monday-Friday (5th-6th grade physical activities are located in the P.E. Activities tab to the Physical Education Teacher webpage.)

    Monday -Friday (7th -8th grade physical activities assignments are located in my-Ms. Goldberg's teacher web page.
    ***We expect to hear from you by the end of each week -let us know how you did-were you able to be physically active for at least 30 minutes?
    PLEASE do not hesitate to reach out to us via e-mail at dgoldberg@shschools.com, sflynn@shschools.com and fmurphy@shschools.com with any questions, concerns and completed work. We will be checking our e-mails throughout the day Monday-Friday. Hope to see you all soon, Ms. Goldberg,Mrs. Flynn and Mr. Murphy***