• Hello Students!

    The assignment this week (May 11-15) entails reading the Introduction and completing the 4 Parts of the Criteria for Success about combat and strategy during WWII.  

    *Please complete all work by Friday, 5/15 at 2:00pm.  You will be submitting your Mandatory: Credit/No Credit work to my email address, lgoelz@shschools.com. Remember, you must be signed into your shschools gmail account to access the document within the assignment.  

    Introduction to Week of May 11-15: We are now moving towards a focus on the US strategy, combat, and battles of World War II.  Keep in mind that this is only an introduction, and I will only focus on a one distinct battle in each theatre of war, limiting our study to two weeks of the distance learning.  Your task this week is to take a sneak peak at some elements of battle and craft your own strategy for defeating the Axis Powers.  

    **Your Mandatory: Credit/No Credit Assignment is to complete the Road to Victory Activity.  Click Here for access to that document. You will eventually share that document and response with me at lgoelz@shschools.com


    Criteria for Success for May 11-15

    1. Watch the WWII Part : Crash Course US History # 35.  Click Here for link. (Note that 0:00-5:29 within the video is content you’ve already learned; please make sure to continue through the entire video.)  


    2. Read Give Me Liberty! Text pages 911, starting at “The War in the Pacific” through 915, ending at “The Home Front” for an overview of the US strategy and combat role.


    3. Optional: View the site and learn about a WWII bomber plane.  Click HERE to access this information. (Note that the video at the bottom of the site is an interesting look at the image and markings on the plane.) 


    4. **Mandatory: Credit/No Credit Assignment: Complete the Road to Victory Activity. Click Here to access the document.  See instructions within for sharing with me at lgoelz@shschools.com.