• Hello Students!

    The assignment this week (May 4-8) entails reading the Introduction and completing the 5 Parts of the Criteria for Success about your chosen aspect of the experience on the Homefront during WWII.  

    *Please complete all work by Friday, 5/8 at 2:00pm.  You will be submitting your Mandatory: Credit/No Credit work to the C Block Shared Google Document (live link).  Remember, you must be signed into your shschools gmail account.  


    Please read...Introduction to Week of May 4-8: As we begin to conclude the look at how World War II affected the Homefront, I want to give you the opportunity to learn about any one aspect of the Homefront on your own, with greater freedom to inquire and pursue your own interests.  So, your task this week is to learn about an aspect of WWII on the Homefront and report out on your findings, posting to the C Block Shared Document. 


    Criteria for Success (Mandatory: Credit/No Credit) for May 4-8: : Post your name and ALL 5 Required Parts below directly onto the C Block Shared Document.  

    • Name, date


    • Part # 1: State your area of interest piqued by the Homefront studies.  Make sure to state why this aspect of the War on the Homefront is of interest to you. (This is a short paragraph explanation).  


    • Part # 2: State what you found, watched, or did.  Summarize what you explored  & how it connected to an aspect of the War on the Homefront (This is a longer paragraph explanation that will include detail about and specific reference to your chosen exploration.)


    • Part # 3: Include evidence of your exploration such as the website name, URL, pictures of your activity, a link to your movie, etc. 


    • Part # 4: State what was interesting about this area of Exploration and whether you would recommend this topic and/or resource or activity to your classmates. (This is a longer paragraph explanation)


    • Part 5: Include questions that the resource/activity prompted you to have.


    Some Possible Topics, Resources, and Ideas: **These are just possibilities.  Discover on your own too!

    • Watch a movie associated with the Homefront.  You may need to rent these from an online source, as my title links are only links to the movie trailers:
    • Click Here to Watch the Tuskeegee Airmen Full Documentary.
    • Read through and view the World War II in Color Pictures from The Atlantic magazine. Click Here for the article. 
    • View and discover the website for PBS The War: Homefront.  Click Here for the link.
    • Make your own victory cake using Wartime Substitutions for Rationed Ingredients.  Choose your own home-made recipe and then Substitute original ingredients with the Substitutions listed in this file.
      • Click Here for the pdf.file to this document which shows possible substutions for common cake ingredients.
    • Topic: Women’s Baseball League during WWII. View and discover the website for League of Women Ball Players during WWII.  Click here for link.
    • Topic: Oral Histories of WWII.  View and discover the website for oral histories of WWII.  Click Here for Berkely’s Oral History Project. 
    • Topic: Women during WWII.  Read through and view the Women, Gender, and World War II article.  Click Here for the link.
    • Topic: Mexican-American experience during WWII.
    • Topic: Civil Rights for African Americans during WWII.  Click Here for the link to the Library of Congress material on this topic.