• Hello Students!


    The assignment this week (April 20-24) entails completing the following 10-11 items.  Please complete all work by Friday, 4/24 at 2:00pm.


    1. Please read over my Shared Document Comments from for the April 13-17 assignment, in red.  You may have to scroll down in order to find the April 13-17 assignment.


    2. Please read photocopy pages from the WWII Unit (you received this before we left) pages 601-608. 


    3. Please watch Crash Course US History # 36: Homefront.


    4. Please watch the Wartown Clip from PBS' The War.


    5. Please watch the Rationing and Recycling Clip from PBS' The War.


    6. Please Complete a "War on the Homefront" notes organizer like the one on Slide 41 of WWII Notes Slides. (No need to submit this to me!)


    7. Please View Slides 43-54 of WWII Notes Slides.


    8. Please read Give Me Liberty! Text pages 915-923 and add any notes to your "War on the Homefront" notes organizer 


    9. Please define Unit Terms, below, and include in your "War on the Homefront" notes organizer

    • War/Liberty Bonds
    • Rosie the Riveter 


    10. **Mandatory for Credit/No Credit: Complete the table from the original HW # 3 (War on the Homefront).  Link/File available here. Please VIEW and create your own Google Doc.  Then,  submit to me, (lgoelz@shschools.com), via Google Doc, or take a picture.  Some have already sent this; you will see that you have a “Collected” already in Powerschool. 


    11. **Optional: Students will complete an OPTIONAL “Connection to Today” form linked here