• Hello Students!

    The assignment this week (May 11-15) entails completing the following FOUR items below, even if you will be completing the Absence Assignment. 


    1. Write at least 5-8 Appreciations in preparation for Thursday, 5/14’s Google Meet Class.  Have these written in a Google Doc. or hand write them and take a photo of them so that you have record of your work.  See further instructions below. **If you prefer not to read them, please send these Appreciations to Ms. Goelz at lgoelz@shschools.com PRIOR to Thursday, 5/14.  

    Directions for "Appreciations" & Definition of Sociology

    ___a. Review the definition of Sociology because in our last meeting together, we are going to be affecting the society, as well as being affected by it with this Appreciations activity. 

    Sociology is the study of how individual human actions affect the larger society and how the larger society affects individual human behavior, thought, and action.  (Sociology also explores the organizations, institutions, and inequalities that affect social life.)  

    ___b. Prep a Google Doc or hand written “appreciations” towards your fellow classmates in Sociology. Aim for 5-8 appreciations, but more is fine.  These may either be specific ways that you were affected by individuals, or words to the class that you want to leave behind.   (See class rosters nested as a page below this page.

    ___c. During the Google Meet Class, you will either share your “appreciations,” as read by you, or submit them to the teacher to read prior to Thursday, 5/14.  


    2. **Mandatory (Credit/No Credit): Participate in the Google Meet Class on Thursday, 5/14 at your Block's assigned time OR complete the Absence Assignment. Note that the Absent Assignment will be located under this tab on my webpage, available at 1:00 pm on Thursday, 5/14/20.

    Google Meet Class Topic: Appreciations!

    Thursday, 5/14/20's Schedule

    B Block: 9:00-9:50am

    D Block: 10:00-10:50am

    CP Combined: 11:30-12:20pm 

    3. **Mandatory (Credit/No Credit): Write a Reflection Response to the Class Shared Google Doc. Click HERE to access those Class Shared Google Docs.

    All Students, please write a Reflection Response by 8:00am on the Monday following the Google Meet class on the Class Google Document (located under Sociology School Closure tab or linked here)Note that you will still complete this even if you were absent from the Google Meet Class on Thursday, 5/14.



    4. Read the following statements, and follow directions according to grade level distinction.


    SENIORS: Make sure that you have submitted all outstanding work that is listed as MISSING in PowerSchool.  You have until Thursday, May 21st at 2:00 to earn credit.  

    UNDERCLASSMEN ONLY: Where do we go from here? What content would you like to pursue further?  Should we continue like we’ve been proceeding about the current pandemic and its impact? Write any suggestions on our 2nd Shared Google Doc titled, Junior Suggestions for Sociology Content located under the Class Documents Page. Click HERE for access to the document.