• Hello Students!

    The assignment this week (May 4-8) entails completing the following THREE items below, even if you will be completing the Absence Assignment.  


    1. **Mandatory (Credit/No Credit): Participate in the Google Meet Class on Thursday, 5/7 at your Block's assigned time OR complete the Absence AssignmentClick HERE for the Absence Assignment for May 4-8.

    Google Meet Class Topic: Personal Connection to Group’s Influence During Coronavirus

    Thursday, 5/7/20's Schedule

    B Block: 9:00-9:50am

    D Block: 10:00-10:50am

    CP Combined: 11:30-12:20pm 

    2. **Mandatory (Credit/No Credit): Write a Reflection Response by 8:00am on the Monday following the Google Meet class on the Class Google Document (located under Sociology School Closure tab or linked here). Note that you will still complete this even if you were absent from the Google Meet Class on Thursday, 5/7.


    3. Look at Item # 1 for the Week of May 11-15 located on my website.  Click HERE for the Week of May 11-15. You will need time to complete this prior to Thursday, 5/14's Google Meet Class focused on Appreciations!